Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 16th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Garba Competition Gets Organised in Modern Colony

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 16th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

A person is auctioning Anu’s grooming classes. Anu is also standing right beside him. Everyone starts clapping. He requests everyone to bid for the groom classes. Anu thinks that now she has lost everything now. People starts to bid on Anu’s property. Anu gets anxious. A guys buys Anu’s property and the auctioneer asks her for the keys. Anu wakes up from her dream. Vibhu also wakes up. Anu gets worried and tells Vibhu that Ramprakash Awasti bought her property. Vibhu tells her that she saw a nightmare. Anu is still worried and tells Vibhu that she needs 10lacs or else, her property will be sold by him. Vibhu gets blown away. Anu says, never mind and tells Vibhu he wont be able help and she goes back to sleep.

Tillu is selling Pani puris. A customer asks Tillu if there was Tiwari’s shop at this same place? Tillu says, yes and tells that Tiwari got back ruptured and Singhania bought this land. Tiwari shows up and yells at Tillu, he starts beating him. Singhania shows up and tells Tiwari that he paid for this land. Tiwari gets terrified and wakes up. Angoori also wakes up because of Tiwari. Tiwari tells Angoori that he saw a nightmare that his shop got sold and someone named Singhania bought the shop. Angoori tells Tiwari that Ammaji believes that morning dreams are meant to be real. Tiwari gets even more scared. Angoori asks if she should calls Ammaji. Tiwari yells at Angoori. Angoori goes back to sleep.

Tiwari and Anu are discussing their similar dreams. Angoori says that she got scared after Tiwari told her about his nightmare. Vibhu tells Angoori to not believe in all these superstitious. A random guy shows up and announces that a garba competition is being held in few days, and the winner will get 25 lakhs. He also tells that the judges are Gupta and MaterJi, and leaves after saying this. Anu suggests that they should make Tiwari and Angoori go in the competition. Vibhu says that Tiwari is good for nothing. Anu says that he will make Angoori lose too. Angoori also agrees with her. Anu gives a suggestion that Vibhu and Angoori should go and compete in the competition, and they will split the money so that both of them can save their businesses.

The guy is announcing about the garba competition in the market. Tillu gets excited for the winning price. Teeka tells Tillu that it’s really hard. Prem also says that he also wants to participate, but doesn’t have a partner for the event.

Tiwari brings dandiya for Angoori. Angoori gets excited and starts playing with it. Angoori tells Tiwari that she always loved playing dandiya since the early stages of her life. Tiwari praises her. Ammaji shows up. Tiwari gets irritated. Ammaji gets inside and sits with Angoori. Angoori asks Ammaji that how is she doing? Ammaji says, not good.

Teeka and Tillu spots Gupta and MasterJi near tea stall in the market. Both of them approaches them and asks if they can rig the game so that it can help them to win. Gupta warns them and tells them that nothings going to happen against the rules. Saxena also shows up and Teeka tells him about the Dandiya event. Saxena also gets excited to get beaten up by dandiya sticks.

Ammaji tells Angoori and Tiwari that the time period going on, isn’t holy. Tiwari gets frustrated and blames everything on Ramfal. Ammaji gets furious and slaps Tiwari. Angoori gets sad and asks Ammaji if she won’t be able to win the competition? Ammaji denies, and says negativity is shadowing over her. Angoori asks Ammaji to call Ramfal and ask him for some solution. Tiwari also agrees with her. Ammaji calls him.

Teeka and Tillu are sitting at the tea stall. Teeka tells Tillu that 25lacs is very amount. Tillu agrees and says that they need a partner for the event. Teeka says that they already have a partner. Tillu agrees and tells Teeka that he needs one too. Teeka gets angry and tells Tillu that Rusa will dance with him. They both starts fighting. A random lady shows up, Teeka and Tillu starts dancing with her. The lady starts hitting them with dandiya. Teeka asks the lady about her identity because her face is covered. The lady says that she will become their partner. Teeka agrees. The lady reveals her face and it’s Saxena. Teeka gets shocked.

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