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Malti Devi telling Choti Anu that she will teach her dance tomorrow. Choti Anu asks if she will become dancer like Mummy. Malti Devi says yes and asks her to call her Dadi. Choti asks her to promise that she will not leave Papa and will not hurt him. Malti Devi promises that she will not leave him, and tells that she will comb her hair, will tell her angel stories and will tell her stories. Choti tells that since Samar bhaiyya left, Mummy is giving less or no time to Papa and us. Malti Devi says she will take care of them. Just then Pakhi and Adhik come there. Barkha asks where did they go? Pakhi tells that she don’t want to tell infront of outsiders. Barkha says ok.

Baa asks Doctor to check her son and asks if he is fine? Doctor says he is in trauma and couldn’t bear the loss of his son. He asks them to show him to therapist else he might lose his mental balance. Anupama tells that a woman expresses her grief and cries, but the man is taught not to cry. She cries looking at him. She says he always hugged Toshu and Sweety and used to call my Samar as loser. She says he is in guilt and pain remembering it. Anuj says we have to show Vanraj to a good therapist. Kavya says surely. Baa tells that don’t know why we are suffering like this. Anupama asks her to handle herself. Anuj tells Babu ji that he will leave.

He says he will inform them if Inspector tells anything. He is leaving and turns to Anupama. Anupama signs him. He signs back. Babu ji comes to room and cries. Baa asks if we shall call another doctor as Vanraj is not getting consciousness. Babu ji says he will be fine if he sleeps. Baa says I am closing the door as father and grand daughter cry alone. Babu ji asks God to make everything fine, else he will not get peace.

In the car, Anupama tells Anuj that he did right to permit Malti Devi to stay in the house. She hopes that their relation is not incomplete, but gets complete. He asks what about you, when I will get you fully. Song plays….jiye toh jiye kaise…..Anupama keeps her hand on his hand. Anuj asks her if she will not forgive him ever. He says your silence and my guilt are not letting me live. He says when Baa didn’t give me water, you haven’t taken it too. He says I hope everything will be fine, and asks her. Anupama says I am trying, but I need time. He says I didn’t stop you ever and asks her not to leave him else he will die. Anupama gets a call. She sees the boy who is having Samar’s eyes. The boy thanks Anupama for the eyes, which her son got from Samar. Anupama gets emotional seeing Samar’s eyes and makes the boy eat laddoo with his mother’s permission. The boy says he likes laddoo. The lady tells that she has done a big favor on her. Anupama says I shall thank you for keeping my Samar alive in your son. The boy asks what was Bhaiyya’s name? Anupama says Samar. The boy says he must be good. He touches Anupama’s feet and hugs her. The lady says you can come and meet my son whenever you want. Anupama says my Samar is alive as someone’s sight and someone’s heart beat.

Kavya comes to room and asks Vanraj if he get up. Vanraj asks if Samar came, I have so many work from him. Kavya says Samar is not alive, he was shot. Vanraj recalls and tells that Samar is dead. Malti Devi thinks Anuj and Anupama came together and is happy about that. She asks Anuj about the case. Anuj says the case got weak as the two witness stepped back, but Vanraj and I have given my statement. Anupama tells that she will make Choti have food and made her do homework also. She says she taught her dance too. She got tired and slept. Anupama tells that Choti always wanted dadi to be at her side. Malti Devi tells about the Navratri which is going to commence from tomorrow. She says it is not celebrated in that house, but can be celebrated here. Anupama says he was my son and says the pain doesn’t changes with house. She says Samar wanted us to be happy and that’s why we will light the diya and celebrate. Malti Devi goes behind Anupama and asks if she has forgotten Anuj. Anupama asks when did I get upset from Anuj that I forgive him. She says the things are not normal from my side, but it will happen soon. She says that doesn’t mean that I don’t love him and hold him guilty.

Kavya comes home and tells that Doctor said that Vanraj is guilty and in shock that he couldn’t save Samar. She tells about he has post traumatic stress. She says his mind couldn’t deal and his emotions could fluctuate and can get panic attacks or might cry too. Babu ji asks if he is fine mentally. Kinjal and Toshu tell that they will be fine. Babu ji says Vanraj has done so much for us, now it is our turn. Everyone tells that they will be with Vanraj and will keep him happy. They plan to celebrate Navratri for Samar and invite Anupama also.

Anuj shouts Anu. Anu goes out and sees the news about Sonu’s arrest and Suresh’s statement that his son is being trapped. Anupama is happy that they will get justice.

Precap: Vanraj tells that he will destroy Suresh Rathode’s life. Suresh asks him to take back the case, when Vanraj attacks him. Suresh gets the incident captured in the mobile and smiles.

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