Yeh Hai Chahatein 15th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Mahima executes her evil ploy

Yeh Hai Chahatein 15th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Arjun tells Mahima that fuel tank is empty. Mahima acts and asks if he didn’t get the fuel tank full. He says he did. Mahima thinks they will spend the night together, and he can’t do anything. Kashvi calls him. Arjun is outside the car and checking it. Mahima sees Kashvi’s call and blocks all calls, and switches off her own phone. She thinks now how you will call. Arjun realizes all the fuel is leaked and tells Mahima. Mahima tells that they are stuck here for all night, and tells that she don’t think that anyone will go from this place. Arjun says we are solid trapped. Nitya looks at Kashvi. Kashvi tells that Arjun’s phone is unreachable and Mahima’s phone is off. Jagdish says he will call Commissioner. Nitya thinks then her plan will be ruined, and stop Jagdish from calling Commissioner. She tells that they have tracker in the cars. Kashvi goes to bring Nitya’s laptop. Nitya thinks plan will fail, but they will not reach soon. She says when they reach then Mahima will be so closer to Arjun, that Kashvi’s breath will stop seeing that scene. Arjun says he will call Kashvi and call her there. Mahima thinks Arjun will see that his phone is in flight mode. She collides with him to make his phone fall and says sorry. Mahima says I was scared and collided with him. She says I am sorry. Arjun says his phone is broken and says how I will call Kashvi? Mahima thinks I made your fell down intentionally. He asks for her phone. Mahima says my phone is switched off.

He says someone’s bad sight has fallen on us. He says he wanted to give the good news to Kashvi and his plan failed. Mahima says they will not stay in the car and shall go somewhere and sit. She takes the shawl. Nitya checks and tells that according to the tracker, their car is stuck in jungle. Kashvi says I am sure that Arjun’s car has stopped working and he is stuck there. Jagdish and Kashvi tell that they will go. Nitya says even she will come. She messages Mahima. Mahima sits on the ground and tells that she is feeling cold. She asks Arjun to come under her shawl and tells that he will fall unwell. She covers him with her shawl and rubs his hand. Arjun smiles. Mahima says she didn’t do star gazing before. Arjun says I didn’t think that I will be here with you. Mahima says you might have thought of this moment with Kashvi. She says when you fell in love with me, and asks him what he liked in her, as she was unlike Kashvi. Arjun says now you have changed and you have positive changes in you. He says I don’t know what I saw in you, and says I was blind in your love. He says when I used to love you, I used to think your arrogance as cuteness and charm. He says he has done so much for her, which she is not aware of. Mahima asks what you have done.

Arjun says I used to come to your house, to see you and used Kashvi to meet you. Mahima says I thought that you came to meet Kashvi. He says I gifted you that phone. She asks which phone, red phone. She asks why you didn’t say, I thought Pradyuman gifted me that phone. Arjun says I didn’t get a chance and says it was past. Mahima thinks now I am very sure that I will win you again and you will fall in love with me. She acts as if she is feeling animal sound and hugs him. She then gets up and hugs him. She says don’t think I am doing some conspiracy. Arjun says I trust you. Mahima says I don’t want to spoil our professional relation and new friendship. Arjun says we shall sit in car, we will be safe there. She holds his hand. Arjun asks her not to worry.

Mahima appreciates her own idea and says his trust will end his relation with Kashvi. Jagdish, Nitya and Kashvi are in the way. Nitya says we are 40 mins away. Jagdish says why Arjun came here. Kashvi says he might have come for some work. Nitya says I will see how you will support Arjun, after whatever we plan. Arjun and Mahima come to the car. Arjun says he will sit on the front seat. Mahima says we both shall sit on the back seat and can sleep also. Arjun agrees with her, and goes to back side. He feels sleepy. Mahima asks if you are sleepy. Arjun says no, I am good and asks her to sleep. She asks him to sleep and says she will wake him up. Arjun sleeps. Mahima switches on her phone and checks Nitya’s message. Mahima messages Nitya, when she is reaching there? Nitya replies that they will reach in 20 mins and asks her to make sure that Kashvi gets a good scene to watch. Mahima replies that everything is ready, just need to see Kashvi’s condition. She then switches off the phone. Nitya tells that Arjun’s car shall be here somewhere. Kashvi asks him to stop the car. She gets down and runs towards the car. Nitya thinks now Dhamaka will happen and Kashvi’s trust on Arjun will break. Kashvi gets shocked seeing Mahima and Arjun sleeping together on the car backseat.

Precap: Kashvi confronts Arjun and tells him that they were sleeping together. Mahima says she has two aims, one to get Arjun and second to make Arjun insecure. Kashvi gets a call and gets teary eyes.

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