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Udaariyaan 15th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Armaan’s birthday

Udaariyaan 15th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rano talking to Sukhi on video call. She praises Aasma. He says it means our decision to make her our bahu wasn’t wrong. He sees Alia going and asks who is there. Rano says maybe Aasma, when are you coming back. He says I will surprise Armaan on his birthday. She says sure. Raja says I will plan the birthday with Aasma, I told her about Armaan’s birthday, she said we will plan it. Alia says I have to double the speed to get Armaan back, I will plan Armaan’s birthday. She calls some store and says I want the items for someone’s birthday preparations, I will message the address. She ends call. She says I will wish Armaan first before anyone else, Armaan it will be our private affair, just you and me. Aasma says its Armaan’s first birthday with me, I want to make it special. She smiles. Alia says just one year more, then I will celebrate your birthday as your wife in Canada, promise.

Aasma sees Armaan sleeping. She kisses on his forehead. He wakes up. She leaves. She goes to Gurudwara in the morning and prays for Armaan. Dadi introduces her to baba ji. She says its Armaan’s birthday today. Armaan jogs and recalls Aasma. Alia wishes him and shows the cake. He says anyone can see you. She says let them see. Raja greets Aasma. She asks where is Armaan. He says he went out. She gives him prasad. She says he might be busy, we will do the decorations before he comes. Alia says we will be together all day today. Armaan says no, things have changed now. She argues with him.

He says I m married now. She angrily throws the cake and leaves. Aasma and entire family make the food together. Baby gets angry and says don’t know what Aasma did that everyone chants her name. Alia comes and sits angry. Baby asks how will you do this. Alia smiles.

Raja asks Aasma to put badam in the sweets. Alia comes and asks what gift are you going to give to Armaan. Raja goes to see decoration. Aasma says I don’t know what to gift her, I want to give him something very special. Alia says Armaan loves his family a lot, become his voice, express his feelings for his family. Aasma asks her to say it clearly. Alia says write some emotional lines for Armaan, when he reads it, his family should get joyful tears. Aasma says it’s a fantastic idea, Armaan’s love will speak for his family, thank you.

Alia thinks I want Armaan to express his feelings, you will get blamed for hurting his self-respect. Armaan comes home and gets surprised. Aasma rides the bike. Raja blows the poppers. Everyone comes. Lights get on. They all wish him happy birthday. Armaan hugs the family members. They sing and dance on dhol. Aasma and Armaan have a romantic dance. Alia looks on. Everyone claps. Aasma says Armaan will express his love for all of us. She hands over the letter. Baby asks Raja to ask Aasma to get her purse from her room. Raja asks Aasma to get Baby’s purse. Aasma goes. Armaan holds the card. Alia thinks now it will be fun. He tries to read. The guests look on and laugh.

Aasma comes back and sees everyone laughing. She looks on shocked. The lady says Armaan failed in 10th class. Baby asks Rano to see how Aasma has taught Armaan, she knows Armaan doesn’t know English, she got him insulted, look at him. Aasma asks what are you reading, I didn’t write it. Armaan scolds her. Alia and Baby smile. Armaan gets angry.

The episode ends

Update Credit to: Amena


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