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Suhaagan 15th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Payal’s plan to humiliate Bindiya backfires

Suhaagan 15th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Bindiya coming to Ram Pyaari and asks if you will also trouble me. She asks if you are not taking bath properly now a days, you are stinking. She gives bath to Ram Pyaari. Rose comes there and gives her phone, says it is repaired. Bindiya checks and asks about the audio inside. Rose tells that she had to get format done and all the data is erased. Bindiya gets sad. Just then Sarpanch ji, Master ji, Kaka come there with their respective wives to meet Bindiya. They ask why she didn’t come to meet them. Bindiya says it is not like that and asks them to sit. Sarpanch asks if Damad ji came? Sarpanch’s wife asks where is Payal? Dadi asks Rose to get tea. Rose asks Phoolmati to come and make tea. Ram Pyaari moos. Bindiya asks Master ji and others if she can talk to them while giving bath to Ram Pyaari. Master ji says yes. Kaka says Bindiya is very simple and is still rooted to the ground, even after becoming big house bahu. The Sarpanch’s wife tells that now a days the girls change their attitude seeing money. Payal comes there in the car wearing costly clothes, jewellery, goggles, sandal etc. She doesn’t step in the dirty water, and stops. She tells Bindiya that she deserves to here, in the dirty water with Ram Pyaari. Everyone is surprised.

Bindiya asks Ram Pyaari not to get angry. Sarpanch’s wife asks why your attitude is changed. Payal says she is getting married to a rich house’s son. She tells that she is getting married due to Bindiya, and asks if she didn’t tell everyone. Dadi gets angry. Payal shows the wedding card to Bindiya, and says she has made it for her sister herself. She asks her to see and says your Pallu will be Suhaagan with all the rituals.

Bindiya drops the card and it falls on the ground. Krishna’s name gets wiped off due to the water on the ground. Everyone is shocked to see Krishna’s name. Bindiya tells Payal that the color is also dull like her and tells that her dream will be shattered too. Payal says the truth will not change. Master ji asks what happened? Payal says your Bindiya is interested in cow and dung, and not you all. She says I am not like her, and will tell you everything. Just them Bindiya throws dirty water on Payal’s head. Payal asks what the hell, you have done. Bindiya says whenever someone is in sleep, we have to make him/her get up, and says you are in dream and that’s why you are dreaming to marry my Krishna ji. Everyone is shocked. Sarpanch ji asks marriage with damad ji. They get shocked. Bindiya says I was ashamed to tell that my sister is going to marry my husband.

Krishna comes out of bathroom to wear his sherwani and asks Servant if Payal came. Krish calls Payal. Payal asks Bindiya to tell that her husband is eagerly waiting to marry her. Kaka asks what you are saying? Payal asks them to listen. She calls Krish and puts the call on loudspeaker.
She asks Krish if they shall postpone the wedding. Krish says if I wanted then I will marry now itself. Payal then says I love you. He says I love you too. Payal humiliates Bindiya and tells that she is forced suhaagan, and tells that Krish was not ready to break her fast too. She claps asking others to clap.

Dadi is about to slap her, but Bindiya stops her. She tells Dadi that Master ji taught me in school that if we throw stone on the muddy water, then the muddy water falls on us. She tells that Payal is the big example of it, and says I used to think that revenge is the small thing and the big thing is to change the opposite person for good and says I always tried to correct your mistake, but you couldn’t mend your ways, as you as the person is wrong fully. Payal asks Bindiya not to talk nonsense. Sarpanch asks if you are not ashamed. Master ji says Bindiya was more competent than you, but she left studies and made you study. The neighbor insults Payal and feels disgusted of her. Rose tells Payal that she has come here as Maharani, but now after Bindiya’s cow dung water and everyone’s taunts, you will go from here insulted. Payal shouts and asks what is your value, and says I am listening that doesn’t mean you say anything. Bindiya asks her to stay in her limits.

Payal says it was my mistake that I came to invite the beggars, she calls everyone as beggars. She says poor people like you don’t deserve to come to Shukla house. She asks them to keep poor Bindiya in poor Chiraiyya and tells that she don’t need her. Dadi shouts Payal and tells that Chiraiyya people are poor, but not shameless like you and nobody wants to attend your illegal marriage. Payal says I don’t want to stay here, I am made for Palace and not for the dirt. She goes from there. Sarpanch tells Bindiya that he is feeling sad for her, and says I can’t understand, how a sister can break her sister’s house. Master and Kaka tell that she has suffered so much. Sarpanch’s wife tells that how she will live alone? Bindiya says she has Ambe Maa’s blessings and will make everything fine. Master ji and Sarpanch ji keep their hands on her head.

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