Saubhagyavati Bhava 2 14th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Dadi gives spy cam doll to Siya

Saubhagyavati Bhava 2 14th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Siya asking Nurse/Raghav’s mother to tell about Raghav. Raghav’s mother asks her to go and picks a knife when Siya insists her to say. Siya is shocked. Raghav’s mother thanks her for lying to save her, and says she can’t tell her anything. Siya stumbles and holds her knee. Raghav’s mother gets concerned. Dadi comes to Rashmi. Rashmi asks shall I make tea for you. Dadi asks her to take out money first which she has stolen. Rashmi asks how did you know? Dadi asks her to take out. Rashmi gives her money and asks her not to tell anyone. Dadi recalls keeping spy cam in the doll. She thinks to set the spy cam in Raghav’s home and show his truth to the world. Raghav’s mother tells her that it is better for her to stay silent. Siya says what you want me not to know and tells that she knows that Raghav is strict about privacy, and then also he kept you here. She says I know you have some relation with him. Raghav’s mother asks her not to be friendly with her, and says Raghav will not like it. Siya says since when he became Raghav from Raghav sir. The Nurse says Raghav Sir will not like.

Siya recalls going to the secret room and Nurse’s warning. Door bell rings. Siya looks at the spy camera and opens the door. Dadi is at the door. Siya hugs her and asks why did you come here? Raghav is watching them and says one meeting ended and other started. Dadi says I have made doll for you, and that’s why came to give it to you. Raghav thinks there is something which she is hiding. Siya takes the doll in her hand. Dadi says I will leave. Raghav says what a talent, the doll is made in professional way, and it doesn’t look like it is made at home. Dadi sees Raghav’s mother and gets shocked. Siya asks if you know her. Dadi says no. She asks Siya to take care and leave from there.

Raghav thinks what Dadi is hiding? She thinks this old lady is showing so much innocence, if this is truth or conspiracy? Siya’s brother sees Dadi looking at the CCTV live footage of Siya’s home. He gets shocked and asks why did she put the spy cam in Siya’s house. Dadi asks him to talk in low tone. Just then Raghav holds the doll and Dadi and Siya’s brother see him. Raghav checks the doll. Siya’s brother tells that if he finds out about the camera. Dadi says she has hidden the camera, very cleverly. Siya comes there and tells Raghav that she loves Doll. She tells that in their childhood, Dadi used to make dolls for her, and she used to share her feelings with it. Raghav says no third person shall come between us and throws the doll. The camera stops. Siya’s brother says Raghav has thrown the doll. Dadi gets worried. Raghav hugs Siya.

Viraj tells that daughters are a blessing and Raghav’s name people are a curse. Raghav gets Viraj’s call and thinks if he shall pick the call or not. Viraj says he is Viraj Dobriyal. Raghav says oh…Viraj. Viraj laughs and says it seems pigeon gave the message. Raghav says he said that some Viraj wants to meet me. Viraj asks him to meet him and bring PAN and Aadhaar for KYC. Raghav laughs and asks him to take his appointment from his office. Viraj tells that he has sent the address and says he knows that he will meet him, as it will be his life’s important chapter. Raghav says it will be whose’s life important chapter or death chapter, lets meet.

Precap: Viraj tells Raghav that he is searching someone and tells Raghav that he has hindered his search. He says you have killed your wife’s doctor who knew about that person, he is searching. He tells the doll that her Abba got an enemy.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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