Radha Mohan 15th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Mohan requests Damini to help him save the life of Gungun

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Mohan requests the doctor to not waste any time and call the specialist, the doctor replies that the doctor is not in the country and it would take about two million to call him here and perform the treatment, Mohan says that they can spend any money in order to save their daughter, so turning to Kadambari asks her to take out the cheque book hearing which Kadambari turns away when the doctor says he knows the problems that the Trivedi family is facing which is why he is asking if they can arrange this money, Kadambari replies that they do not have this much money, the doctor replies he desires to help them in any way possible but is not qualified enough, he suggests that they should shift Gungun to a government hospital assuring that the doctors are also good there but there are a lot of patients, Mohan requests the doctor to call the specialist and not worry about the money as he is going to arrange each and every penny, the doctor goes to start the preparations. Kadambari asks Mohan how will they arrange this much money in such a short period of time, Radha says even the house is Barsana is in collateral so how would they arrange this much money, Mohan asks them all to not be worried explaining that it is just two million rupees and he can arrange this money for the sake of his daughter, Mohan runs out from the hospital. Tulsi prays to Ba Kai Bihari jee to show them a way to save Gungun.

Damini and Kaveri cover the car in the warehouse, Kaveri mentions they have removed all of the proofs and now no one would come after her blaming she killed Gungun. Damini is shocked hearing Mohan screaming her name including Kaveri, Damini wonders what is Mohan doing here so starts pulling Kaveri who still refuses to come with her.

Mohan standing in the hall is shouting the name of Damini, she looking at him from the door gets worried thinking what if he recognizes that she killed Gungun, Kaveri suggests that she feels Mohan has realized she killed Gungun so they must run way from here but Mohan would surely kill them. Damini and Kaveri both secretly try to leave but stop when Mohan calls them from behind, Damini turns to see him standing there.

Radha is standing outside the room in which Gungun is being treated, she remembers when Gungun revealed she is going to call her as Ramaa from today, Radha is not able to stop thinking about the beautiful moment spent with Gungun and the unbreakable bond that exists between them both, she recalls how Gungun also tied the Rakhi on her hand because she always protects her. Radha is crying remembering the moment when Gungun got hit by the car, she is waiting when the nurse comes out so Radha requests if she can meet Gungun, the nurse replies that she has a lot of injuries and even open wounds which might get affected, hearing this Radha agrees to not go near her. The nurse leaves so Radha calls Tulsi asking if she is present in the hospital.

Damini and Kaveri both are standing when Mohan slowly starts walking towards them, they get a little bit intimidated.

Radha enters a room in the hospital, she once again calls Tulsi who comes before her and makes the lights flicker, Radha starts crying and sits on the floor seeing which Tulsi also gets worried.

Mohan holding his hands in front of Damini requests her to save his Gungun, she questions what has happened when Mohan reveals that Gungun has gotten into an accident because he went to pick her up but a car hit Gungun and she is in the hospital and suffered a lot of injuries. Damini requests Mohan to go and sit as she will bring some water for him.

Damini turning to kaveri tells they did not think about it when Kaveri mentions she must not do anything that will make him suspect her but should do something, Damini replies she has a plan that will make sure Mohan becomes hers for the rest of the life.

Radha tells Tulsi that she was not able to take care of Gungun because she got in an accident right in front of her eyes, Tulsi assures that Radha does not have any fault in it as she knows how much Radha loves her and if she had her way then would have put her own life at risk as there cannot be a better mother then her, Radha suddenly stands up asking Tulsi if she has any way to save Gungun, as Tulsi is a soul who is not bound by the human law and she can figure out a way to save their Gungun even if it means that Tulsi takes her life but she should just protect her Gungun. Radha asks Tulsi to let the tube light remain off if she has a way but if she does not then should make it turn on, Radha is praying but Tulsi while crying turns on the tube light. Radha replies she understood it when Tulsi requests Radha to forgive her as she cannot save Gungun because she is very helpless, and both the mothers of Gungun cannot do anything for her but they have to wait for Mohan since he would surely do something and save her, Radha assures there is no reason to be worried about as they will not let anything happen to Gungun and two million rupees is not a big amount for Mohan jee, Tulsi agrees with Radha but says that when the time is bad then two thousand is also a big money however she is still sure that Mohan would protect Radha.

Ketki enters the room asking Radha to come quickly as the doctor is calling them Radha asks Ketki to leave while she will come after her and so tells Tulsi she will come back.

Damini asks Mohan to tell what has happened when he says that he needs her help, Damini thinks this is what she desired that he should ask for her help and she will take advantage of his weakness, Damini replies she can even give her life for him so what has happened, Mohan explains that Gungun is in the hospital and the doctor asked them to arrange for two million otherwise she would die, he while crying is holding his hands in front of Damini requesting her to pay the money.

Radha comes while the doctor says he is saying this to them because Mohan jee is not present here, he informs the first operation of Gungun has been done but they do not know if it is successful since she is still unconscious but they have to pay advance for the second and third operation, Radha says that Mohan jee has gone to bring the money, the doctor replies he knows the problem that the Trivedi family is facing which is why he even talked in a government hospital but they are saying that it might take four to five days and he ears they might lose Gungun, Kadambari and Radha ask him to not speak ill when he leaves suggesting they should arrange the money.

Mohan requests Damini to save his Gungun saying he would work as a servant for her for the rest of is life and would not even think about doing something clever, he will also work just as she desires but she should just save his Gungun. Mohan mentions Damini desires he should rub his nose in front of her and he is even ready to do that, Damini starts smiling.

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