Miraculous Tribute to Motherhood: Kartik Krishnamurthy’s ‘Maa Meri Maa’ Brings Judge Neeti Mohan to Tears!

Miraculous Tribute to Motherhood: ‘Maa Meri Maa’ Brings Judge Neeti Mohan to Tears. Check out

The Contestant’s OG Song to be released by Zee Music Company

Zee TV’s popular singing reality show, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, has returned after a successful previous season. The show features Himesh Reshammiya, Neeti Mohan, and Anu Malik as judges, and Aditya Narayan as the host. In the upcoming “Family Special” episode, the talented Mohan sisters, Shakti and Mukti Mohan, will be guests on the show. One of the contestants in this episode is Kartik Kumar Krishnamurthy, a gifted singer from Chennai who lives with autism and struggles with communication and understanding others. Simple everyday tasks can be challenging for him. However, on the stage of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, something truly magical happened. Kartik, who had not spoken to his mother in 27 years due to his inability to speak, found a way to express his love and emotions to her through his original song, “Maa Meri Maa”. This heartfelt moment is sure to bring tears to your eyes and a song to your heart!

This heartwarming piece is a tribute to the unwavering source of strength in the composer’s life – his mother. The talented Rathijit Bhattacharjee composed the music, while the beautiful lyrics were penned by Ravikesh Vatsa. ‘Maa Meri Maa’ transcends beyond just music and delivers a profound message from Kartik to his mother, conveyed through the power of song. The mesmerizing composition is all set to be released by Zee Music Co. Kartik’s compelling performance not only moved the audience but also Judge Neeti Mohan, who was deeply touched by the sheer beauty of his soulful rendition, leaving her speechless with emotion!

Teary-eyed, Neeti Mohan said, “Main bas yeh kehna chahungi, humne bhagwan dekhe nahi hain, par aaj mehsoos kar liye hain.”

Kartik’s mother expressed her sincere gratitude, stating, “Thank you all. Kartik is and will always be special to us, regardless of his condition. Despite numerous diagnoses at a young age, we faced skepticism and financial challenges due to his Autism. Some even suggested abandoning him. But Kartik is our child, and we never blamed him. He’s unique, and we cherish him just the way he is.”

She added, “We firmly believed Kartik was a special gift from God and committed to standing by him always. As long as he’s with us, we’ll be there for him. Since his appearance on Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, people have reached out, offering support. Now, many approach us, eager to befriend and take selfies with him. His dedication today meant more than 27 years of togetherness. He made me incredibly proud, and I pray to have Kartik as my child in every life.”

While Kartik’s performance was remarkable in the episode, the grand premiere featured other contestants who also delivered outstanding performances!

Miraculous Tribute to Motherhood: Kartik Krishnamurthy's 'Maa Meri Maa' Brings Judge Neeti Mohan to Tears! 861597

Miraculous Tribute to Motherhood: Kartik Krishnamurthy's 'Maa Meri Maa' Brings Judge Neeti Mohan to Tears! 861598

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