Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 14th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Suraj confronts Hetal

Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 14th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kesar telling Jayati that Riddhi is saved because of Darshan and tells her that he is not weak and can do so much. Ambika tells Suraj that the trust is never half, it is either there or not. She says I trust Kesar, as I know that she can never be wrong. She asks him to always remember that all the proofs against Kesar will be proved wrong, as it will be made by that person who doesn’t want Kesar or this family’s betterment. She tells about husband and wife’s relation and asks them not to leave each other amidst the troubles. She says your life has just started and there are many people who will try to break your relation, but you both have to stand together. Baa tells Jayati that her son is a hero. Suraj asks Jayati if he has right on Suraj or not, being a brother. Jayati says yes, you have. Suraj says we all were wrong and tells that we accepted his condition and was afraid that his condition might get worse, and due to our fear, we refused for Kesar’s idea of treatment. He says Kesar has to bear so much, but she stick to her trust. He tells Kesar that trust is the word which is easy to say, but all life goes through while proving it. He says my mother has given you upbringing and you have fulfilled her teachings and build trust in my mother’s heart for you. He says I shouldn’t have doubted you, as a fiancé I have failed you, but now I know the truth. He says for Darshan’s treatment, she will have his unwavering support. Kesar is happy. Kabir thinks until when he will stick to his words. Suraj says I believe that everyone will agree to this, but we shall ask Jayati fuyi. Jayati nods her head in approval. Kesar thinks I thought I will unite the family, but their hearts are still divided. Darshan asks if my fun classes will start again. Kesar nods yes. Kabir does hifive with him. Suraj says if I had known that your friendship based on support and trust will yield such a positive result, then I would have encouraged it. He says it is late, but thank you for helping Darshan and supporting Kesar always. Kabir looks on. Hetal gets upset and says Suraj shall do their aarti today.

Kabir plays his guitar and tells his friends about everyone blaming Kesar, and Suraj supporting her after realizing his mistake. Hetal is in the kitchen with Jayati and Jinal. She tells Jayati that you have given permission to Kesar for Darshan’s training so that Suraj and Kesar’s relation gets ruined, and Suraj shall think that Ambika is favoring Kesar than Suraj. She says everything was working as per our plan, but you have splash water on it. Suraj hears them. Hetal asks Suraj..what you will eat? Suraj says enough.

Everyone is gathered in the hall. Hetal asks what is the matter? Suraj says your theory was right, everyone was focused on our anger for kesar, but didn’t think that you are manipulating everyone.

He says that day, when I returned from London, you had accused Kesar and Kabir. He says when Baa announced our engagement, you had filled Jayati and Jinal’s ears that the marriage shall not happen until everyone agree. He says when Maa had doubt about our engagement, you encouraged it. He says you didn’t stop there, and then you raised finger on Kesar again about Kabir’s message. He says Jayati and Jinal had their own reasons to dislike Kesar, and you exploited their emotions for your advantage. He says whenever you come here, you come with just one aim, to divide the family. He says you have left house 20 years back, and requests her not to come there again, not even on Sunday or for any festival. He says Raj Gaur house door will never open for you again. He says Hetal kaki…please leave. Kesar is shocked.

Hetal asks Kesar if she is happy. She says I have tried to throw Kesar out and have provoked everyone against her. She says I triggered Darshan also during his dance. Jayati gets angry, but Jinal stops her. Hetal asks do you want to know, why? She tells Baa and Ambika act as having good values, and tells that the orphan Kesar is getting everything from the house and family, and the real Raj Gaurs…Dhruvi, Jinesh and I have to suffer and have financial problems. She says when Dhruvi’s birthday comes, then nobody in our neighborhood knows about it, but Kesar’s birthday is celebrated by all the city/people. She says my Dhruvi has to sacrifice things she wanted, but Kesar gets everything. She asks if I am wrong and only Kesar is right. She says Maa Ambe knows that we are going through problems and are all alone. Kesar asks Hetal not to bear it again and tell them. Hetal says big pain is that you are talking about family being an outsider. She says I am real family member, but my own family doesn’t see this. Kesar tries to hold her hand. Hetal brushes off her hand and goes. Kesar feels bad.

Kesar comes to Suraj to apply ointment to his hand. Suraj asks what happened, why she is worried. She says when we have injury on our hand, we apply ointment on it and don’t cut that part. Suraj asks what do you want to say? Kesar says however she is, she is part of our family, we shall help her to become a better person. She says she felt that her tears and pain are real. Ambika says you are good and thinks others good. She tells that Hetal has been doing all this always. Baa tells Kesar that during naag panchami, you like to feed milk to snake and insisted that we keep the snake at home, but the snake charmer used to say that snake doesn’t remember who fed it milk and bite it. She says Hetal is like that snake. Kesar and Suraj looks on.

Precap: Kesar senses Hetal is in problem. Jinal and Jayati gets Hetal’s call and leave from there. Kesar reaches hetal’s house and sees her being thrown out by the money lenders. They push Hetal. Kesar is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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