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BIGG BOSS 17 (Grand Premier) 15th October 2023 Written Episode Update

BIGG BOSS 17 (Grand Premier) 15th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Bigg Boss welcomes everyone back to the show. He says we are back together. Bigg Boss says every year there a lot of comments that I am biased, the channel is biased. So this year we will change the game and I will be openly biased. Because this is my area. This year I won’t play alone, my whole neighbourhood will play. There are three houses. House 1: here there will love and emotions. This house is of heart. The second house is of mind. THis is all about brain. It’s for the toppers and most smart people. I will guide this house and I have faith in wisdom of this house. I can even go on a vacation this year and give this house the authority. The third house ise of bravery. It’s made of confidence. This house will take its own decisions. It doesn’t even need me. It will be on an answering machine. It will be fun to see how these 3 houses live together. I welcome you all.

The house open with a performance. Salman comes with dancing on Bang Bang. He dances on chori chori. Salman welcomes everyone to Bigg Boss Season 17. He says did you hear what Bigg Boss said? There will be open favoritism. But what would happen when my favorites dont’ match with BB’s favorites? BB will be after my favorites and I will be after his favorites. You will know it soon.

Let’s call BB’s this season’s contestant. Mannara Chopra comes and peforms on Samay. Salman says thre is a new Chopra is town. Manara Chopra. He welcomes her. She says it’s an honor to be here. Salman says she’s not here because of surname. She’s talent. She’s here because she’s done many successful south films. He asks what happened with you that went viral? She says my director kissed me as a baby, like a father he kissed me on cheek and that went viral. Salman says people have nothing to do. She says I had to do so many clarifications. Salman says forget about it. He says this year BB has reasons to choose everyone has chosen. Let’s see why BB chose you this year. He plays her intro video. It shows Mannara Chopra, confused, one with a lot of swag. From the house of Chopras. She says I have choosy but a little confused too. I had some demands so maybe they thought I am choosy. I just asked for nails to be done in the house and pani puri in the house. And third salon service. How can a girl live without Salon. So I asked them to add. Salman says do you see BB’s eye with makeup?? We want your real self in the house. Mannara asks Salman do you remember I did a film with you. He says it was an ad film. She’s shocked. She says you remember? She says I asked for one picture. You treated me like a child. Now I’ve grown up. Can you do a dance with me? She dances on lal dupataa with Salman. She syas now with this lal dupatta I am gonna win. She says I am a bit moody. He says do as your like in the house. Salman says there are no luxuries in the house. Salman says you can eat gol gappay here. Salman eats gol gappa with Mannara. She says I love my entry. BB welcomes Mannara. BB says you’re ready to go to the BB house. but which one? It’s a little confusing. Let me introduce you. There is BB neighbourhood this time. There are three houses here. House of heart, house of brain and house of confidence. You wanted to be the first contestant in the house. You have a chance to choose the house you want. But you have one responsibility. Now you will explain everything to others and let them choose. She chooses house of heart. Salman says the favoritism has started already. She says I become everyone’s favorite. Mannara goes inside the house. Salman gives her a book of all that BB explained to her about the houses.

Mannara comes inside the house. BB says you made me upset. I extended hand of friendship and you saaid you don’t like favoritism. I can get back to my old self. He says I want you to read the book I gave you and let them choose the house. She says I am very excited to be here. She goes in the house. Mannara says such a pretty house. She goes around and checks everything. Mannara says I feel very positive here. She checks the other houses as well. Mannara says it’s perfect.

On stage Salman welcomes the second contestant. Munawar Faruqui comes on stage. Salman says here is Color’s no. 2 host. He says hello Bhai. I got a call last year and I said why Salman isn’t hosting? They said for contestant. Then I said no for some reasons. They told me the theme this years, heart, brain and confidence. I found it interesting. Men think from 3 places, heart, mind and stomach. I said I will go in the kitchen. They said we want to tell something. They said you can’t speak english. I asked how do you know? Everyone laughs. He says the house is so large. People go out if they don’t get votes. Our houses are so small if you turn around you’re out of the house. And it’s so easy to fall in love in BB house. Salman says welcome to the house. Salman says do you know this year BB is gonna be biased. Will you have a problem? Munawar Faruqui says you have problem with biasness if it’s against you. If he’s on my side I will have fun. Salman says I heard you do poetry as well. I will give you a challenge. Do poetry on some situations. He asks Munawar to introduce himself with poetry. Munawar sings I make people drink juices of love, I am enough to make people smile. Salman says two people are fighting. And you’re having fun. He sings you should spend life in this world, whoever is fighting you shouldd have fun. Munawar goes inside the house.

Munawar comes in. He meets Mannara. Munawar asks when did you come? She says just now. Let me give you a home tour. He says did you see everything? She says I wanna tell you something. There are three houses. Munawar says it’s so pretty. he looks around. They see bathrooms as well. Munawar asks Mannara what do you do? She says I am actor in South films. He asks are you related to Priyanka Chopra? She says who told you? He says I heard. She says Priyanka is my uncle’s daughter. She asks about himself? He says I do standup comedy. I write poetry and host. Manna and Munawar look around. They find the clothes. Munawar says I didn’t choose the house because I have doubts on this girl. They can’t give you options like that. She says I am being honest. Choose any house. Munawar says I won’t believe her just because she’s Priyanka Chopra’s cousin. She was a little nervous in saying that.

Aishwarya Sharma performs with Neil Bhatt. They dance on jhumka on stage. Salman welcomes them. he says so much energy. How long have you been married? Aishwarya says two years. He says still this energry? Neil says energy should remain. salman asks what will you do in the house then? Neil laughs. Aishwarya sir.. Neil says there are two cameras. Salman says it’s not allowed on TV. They laugh. SAlman says this is our contestant no. 3 and 4. She says we will handle it together. Salman says Neil told 100 reasons why Aishwarya should be in BB? He says she’s very stead fast, she takes her decisions, she has clarity of thought and focused. Salman says I am sure your marriage is going great. He says mindblowing. They laugh. Salman says thank God I am safe. He says let’s ask BB why he chose you. Their video of reasons plays. Aishwarya: gauratneed entertainer, Neil, no gaurantee of entertainment. Aishwarya, big mouth. Neil keeps things to himself. BB says Neil you are the one who always follows his wife. He says I like people like you. but they never make it to the finale. You break that trend. SAlman says what if Neil likes someone else in this house? Aishwarya says that can never happen. Salman asks what if someone else likes him? Neil says that we have no control over. We know where we stand. Salman says problems can come in the house anyway.

The contestant no. 5 comes. Salman says this is our imported contestant. He tells his name Naveed Soul. He says I half Italian and Persian but I live in the UK. He introduces himself as a TV entertainer and Bollywood lover. He says I am here to find love and have fun. You got your champion here. Salman says you need to know more English words. He tells the words her knows.

Update Credit to: Atiba


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