Amber Khan Became Victim Of Black Magic

Black magic is a reality. Many people in the world have experienced it. Yes, there are mostly instances when people feel they are being attacked but there are original cases where people of all faiths have experienced disasters in their lives due to black magic. There are people who believe in it and there are those who think it is simply a hoax.

Amber Khan Became Victim Of Black Magic

Actress Amber Khan is very famous and she is very open about her experiences in life. Amber Khan is a successful actress, YouTuber and runs her own salon. She was a guest on Madiha Naqvi’s morning show where she shared her brush with apparent black magic.

Amber Khan Became Victim Of Black Magic

Amber shared that once a woman came to her salon while she was not present there and asked for her. She pretended that she was Amber’s friend and wrote a message for Amber and handed it to her manager. When Amber saw the note, it was something satanic. She then asked some religious person she knew for solution and they told her to read Quranic verses in the salon when she is alone.

Amber Khan Became Victim Of Black Magic

Amber did that and though they kept experiencing minor symptoms, mostly they were saved. Here is what she shared:


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