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Udaariyaan 14th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Armaan saves Aasma

Udaariyaan 14th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with the driver calling Alia and saying Raja got missing. Aasma breaks the door. Baby worries. Aasma goes out. Armaan waits for Aasma. He hears about some accident. He prays. Baby hits on Aasma’s head. Aasma faints. Baby calls Alia and asks her to come fast. Alia leaves. Raja asks for water. The men shout he is a thief. They catch Raja and beat him. Alia says you had hit Aasma. Baby says yes, she broke the door and came out. Alia asks did she see you hitting her. Baby says don’t know. Alia asks what will we do now. Armaan is on the way. He sees Raja getting beaten up. He runs to his rescue. He beats the men and says leave him, he is my brother. He scolds the men.

He says Raja isn’t a thief, he is my brother, I will bury you alive if you dare to come ahead. Baby says we will drag her. Armaan throws the money and says don’t raise hand on any innocent person. He asks Raja are you fine, where is Aasma. Alia thinks don’t know what will Armaan do knowing I m involved. Raja says driver didn’t listen to me and got me here. Armaan says Aasma never leaves Raja alone. Baby asks where will we hide her. They hide Aasma. Neetu, Rano and Dadi come home.

Rano says Aasma took Raja to the hospital, don’t know what did the doctor say. Baby says I have an idea. Armaan is on the way. Rano is on call. Baby puts Aasma inside the huge grain storage box. Rano comes there. Baby and Alia hide. The men get the grain sacks. Rano asks the men to put the grains in the big drum and put the lid on the top. Baby and Alia go out. Alia says we had gone to the temple, Baby was feeling tense. Neetu thinks Alia isn’t so bad. Armaan gets Raja home. He asks where is Aasma.

The men empty the wheat grains inside the chamber. Baby says Aasma took Raja to the hospital. Armaan says no, taxi driver took Raja away, I m calling Aasma, she isn’t answering. Armaan gets Aasma’s phone. He says it means she is at home. Rano asks Raja how did he get hurt. Baby says Aasma left Raja midway. Armaan shouts Aasma and looks for her. Everuone looks for Aasma.

Armaan comes to the storeroom. He sees Aasma’s earring on the chamber’s wall. He calls out Aasma. He climbs the ladder to check. He sees the grains moving. He takes an axe and breaks the chamber to drain out the grains. Aasma falls. Armaan sees her and worries. He brings her out and checks her pulse. He pumps her heart. He asks her to open her eyes. He gives her CPR. Aasma starts breathing. He hugs her.

He asks are you fine. She says I m fine. He says I thought I will lose you. Neetu asks how did you reach there. Armaan says Baby did all this. Baby denies it. She says Aasma isn’t so light that I lift her so easily. Alia says Baby and I had gone to the temple. He asks her to shut up. He scolds Baby. Baby says I will call the police, you send me to jail. Aasma says no, when the door got locked, I might have got hurt, maybe I reached there while looking for Raja, end this matter here, Armaan. Later, Aasma changes her clothes. She tries to tie the dress’ string. She feels hurt. Armaan comes and helps her. She smiles. He says you have hidden Baby’s mistake. Aasma says if a person is sorry then the mistake gets small, we won’t do any such mistake, we are husband and wife. Armaan thinks what happened to me, why do I care about what she thinks about me.

The episode ends

Update Credit to: Amena


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