Teri Meri Doriyaan 14th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Ajith Blames Brars For Sahiba’s Death

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Brars get calls from known ones asking if Angad really killed Sahiba. They refuse to comment. Akaal says he can’t believe Angad can kill Sahiba. Jasleen says it’s possible as they know how Sahiba and Angad fight, Sahiba got upset hearing about Manveer’s announcement and Angad must have gone behind her, Angad must have murdered her during their heated argument. Prabjot says maybe reporters are right. Inder warns her to stop talking rubbish. Akaal says he will never believe that Angad can murder Sahiba. Gurleen tries to comfort Seerat for losing her sister. Seerat thinks Angad can never murder Sahiba. Manveer asks Inder to bring her son back home.

Veer returns home and informs family that he saw Sahiba’s dead body and Angad refusing to accept that it was Sahiba’s. Jasleen says Angad is in a denial mode and doesn’t want to accept that he murdered Sahiba, maybe he will realize later. She thinks Garry suffered a lot because of Angad, now it’s her turn to take revenge. Angad pleads inspector to search for Sahiba as she is alive and the dead girl is not Sahiba. inspector warns him to shut his mouth and sit in a corner or else he knows how to shut his mouth. Family continues their theory. Jasleen taunts Seeerat that her plan to marry Angad failed.

Ajith walks in with Keerat and confronts Seerat for ruining Sahiba’s life by planning to marry Angad. He then blames Brars for letting Angad murder Sahiba. Inder says Sahiba was like his daughter and he will never believe that Angad can murder Sahiba. Akaal tries to comfort Ajith. Keerat breaks down. Gurleen asks Seerat to comfort her sister. Keerat warns Seerat to dare not come near her as Angad may have been accused of murdering Sahiba, but Seerat is the real murderer who manipulated Angad to get rid of Sahiba.

Inder gets a message from his lawyer Mr Dhillon that he took permission to meet Angad. Inder with Veer and Akaal reaches police station and meets Angad with Dhillon. Dhillon questions Angad if he met Sahiba and had a heated argument with Sahiba. Angad says Sahiba wasn’t in her hostel room at all and that girl is not Sahiba, he didn’t murder Sahiba. Dhillon asks him to speak truth if he wants bail. Angad stands by his words. Dhillon leaves with Inder. Angad asks Veer to contact their It department tech Shameem and trace Sahiba’s location. Veer leaves. Dhillon tells Inder and Akaal that he can’t get Angad’s bail as Angad was found at a murder spot. Akaal asks him to not to say that. They meet inspector who says same.

Akaal asks Inder not to inform Angad that he will not get bail. They meet Angad again. Akaal recalls being in Angad’s place and Angad promising him to get his bail at any cost. He tells Akaal that he now realized the pain of seeing a dear one behind bars. Inder says he loves him the most in the world. Angad says that girl was not Sahiba and Sahiba is alive. Akaal hopes so, but if god wants Angad to separate them, then he should accept it. Inder takes him from there. Angad thinks until Sahiba is found, nobody will trust him; where Sahiba must be.

Precap: Angad escapes from police. Rumi kidnaps Sahiba and says they both are two bodies one soul now.

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