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Suhaagan 14th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Payal gets scared seeing Bindiya

Suhaagan 14th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Payal getting romantic with Krish and kisses him on his cheeks. Nidhi talks to Pankaj and tells that she will talk to him only if he agrees her condition. She ends the call and hears someone knocking on the door. She opens the door, but there is nobody. Just then smoke comes inside. Bindiya gets inside the house, while Nidhi coughs. The Guard comes there and tells that he had added dengue medicine in the machine. Nidhi asks who does this at this time. He says everyone will be sleeping that’s why he got the dengue medicine spread in air. Bindiya comes to the kitchen and finds the snacks and juice on the table. She says now see what I will do. Payal comes there and finds the snacks and cake smeared on the table. She runs to Krish and tells that someone entered the kitchen. Krish comes to the kitchen and finds everything on place. He tells Payal that it might be her illusion and asks her to go and sleep. Payal thinks she can’t waste the night for sleep and tells Krish that they will continue the date night.

Baldev and Indu asks Nidhi about her problem in her marriage life. Nidhi tells that he didn’t remember her when she was having problems in her inlaws home. Indu tries to reason with her. Nidhi tells that Papa got sanskari Bindiya.

She asks him not to worry for her and stop questioning her, but worry for Bindiya. Payal gives drink/juice to krish and says finally we made it. She thinks this beautiful night is made for us. Bindiya is looking at them from far. Krish is about to wipe juice from Payal’s lips, when Bindiya targets Payal’s hand with catapult, and the small stone hits her hand making juice falls on her tshirt. Payal tells Krish that something hit on her hand. Krish says this might be happening as tomorrow is marriage and you are over excited and over stressed. Payal says I am fine, I will come in 2 mins. Bindiya looks at Krish and smiles. Payal goes to washroom and cleans her tshirt. She thinks what is happening with me, and thinks something had hit on my hand, and thinks if it is my illusion. She washes her face and finds Bindiya standing behind her. She shouts loudly.

Krish makes Payal drink water. All the family members are gathered in the hall. Nidhi says they can’t even sleep. Krish asks what happened? Payal says she saw Bindiya. Krish says how Bindiya will come here. Sakshi whispers to Vikram that she is acting as if she saw the witch. Bindiya goes to room and gets Krish and her marriage album. She gets teary eyes while remembering their marriage and says I had kept it safely like memories, but it will be used as my weapon. She takes the album and goes out of room. She comes to the balcony. Gagan tells Indu and Baldev that there is nobody here, he saw everywhere. Bindiya hears him and thinks thank you Gagan bhaiyya. Krish asks how Bindiya will be here, when Police took her. Payal says I have seen her. Indu asks if she will fall down here. Payal says she will go and check. Baldev says Payal is right, she must have seen Bindiya. He says if a person is wrong then the inner self slams the person and the person feels guilty. Payal says I have no guilt or illusion, I have seen her really. Baldev asks how to agree, if anyone saw her? They nod no. He says Payal’s face is looking different today and says doubt and illusion are bad. He says Payal needs help. Indu asks if we shall say that we saw Bindiya. Baldev says she is looking mentally ill and needs doctor’s help. He tells Indu that she might get his son marry a girl who is mentally ill due to her love for her son. Bindiya hears and appreciates Babu ji’s words. Payal says I am fine. Krish says I feel that something is bothering you. Sakshi says we shall postpone the wedding as the marriage can’t happen in such situation. Indu says Sakshi is right, we shall show her to doctor first, marriage will happen later. Payal refuses to postpone the marriage and says I am fine. Krish says your health matters to me. Payal says I have waited for our marriage, so don’t delay our marriage. Krish says no and asks her to go and rest. Bindiya hears and closes the door. She thanks Ambe Maa and says I got what I wanted, and asks Payal to get ready for the next attack.

Precap: Payal and Krish are getting married, when Bindiya comes there and says this marriage can’t happen. Her Lawyer tells that it is a crime to marry even after already married. Bindiya throws water from the pot in the havan kund.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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