Radha Mohan 14th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Mohan consoles Radha who is blaming herself for the condition of Gungun

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Radha tells Mohan the blood in their hands is the proof of her defeat, she tried a lot to be her mother but in the end is just her step mother, Radha tells that if the real mother of Gungun was present here today then she would not have let even a scratch come to her, Mohan angrily asks her to stop. Tulsi questions what is Radha saying as she is not a step mother but worth more then her own real mother, as she was never able to give those teachings to Gungun which even she could have not given her, Tulsi assures that nothing would happen to Gungun. Mohan angrily tells Radha she is not a step mother but worth more then even her real mother, Radha says it is her mistake as she always prayed for his safety, even when Gungun questioned her about it but forgot about Gungun which is why this is all her mistake. Mohan tells that it is the prayer that a mother is with her children so he is sure that Gungun would be fine, Radha is not able to control herself so hugs Mohan who is also crying. Tulsi says that Mohan is right and nothing would happen to their Gungun, both of them are very good parents so their Gungun is very lucky that she has such loving parents, Radha knows that Gungun has two mother so they would not let anything happen to her and she could not have better parent then them both.

Damini stops the car in a warehouse, and getting out of it she starts smiling thinking she has finally killed Gungun, she remembers the moment when she hit Gungun with her car. Damini exclaims no one would ever find out she took the life of Gungun, she has finally threw the biggest problem of her life and no one can do anything about it, Damini is shocked when someone suddenly slaps her.

The doctors are still operating on Gungun who is unconscious in the operation theater, Tulsi starts calling to Gungun while the doctors place the mask over her nose so she could breathe, Tulsi wonders what can she do and what has happened to her daughter, she keeps crying thinking how Gungun mentioned that Tulsi would always remain her mother, hearing this Tulsi gets emotional. She remembers when Gungun told Radha she has a doll named after her mother and even celebrated her birthday with Radha.

Mohan comes running to the door and he also gets emotional thinking about the beautiful movements spent with Gungun and how they both would play with each other. Radha also comes running and even she is not able to stop crying, thinking how Gungun assured that nothing can happen to her until she has the support of both.

Damini angrily questions who dared slap her, Kaveri once again angrily slaps her saying she is her mother and can beat her whenever she desires, kaveri says that she has warned Damini to not do these illegal things by herself informing she is already blamed for killing Tulsi and what if they are arrested, kaveri mentions fate helped them once before but would not happen again and again, Damini replies this is her choice because she had given them the task but they were not able to do anything, Kaveri asks if she is going to keep killing explaining they are not killers and what if something happens, Damini assures that no one would find out because the number plate of this car is fake and even the car is new, Kaveri questions what did she do since she used a new car. Kaveri mentions no one might suspect her but this time Radha will surely follow her, saying they were saved the last time after killing Tulsi because at that time Radha was not present there but ever since she came into their lives, all of their plans have failed and Radha is the one who revealed their true face in front of the Trivedi family and even ousted them from the family. Kaveri gets worried thinking if anyone finds out the truth then they would be punished by law but Mohan will not leave them. Kaveri suggests they should burn the evidence and explains that no one should find out about it including Bhushan uncle and the Kans uncle, Kaveri starts wiping of the car.

Radha hesitantly is explaining to the Inspector that it was a red car but she was not able to see the number plate since it came from behind, Mohan consoles Radha and tells the Inspector that they were focused on looking at their daughter so could not see anything else, The inspector assures he is going to find the culprit so they must not be worried., the inspector leaves with the constable.

Mohan calls Radha and even Kadambari informs that Ba kai Bihari jee will make sure everything remains fine, Kadmabari wonders who was the one who did something so horrible with their Gungun.

Damini is throwing water on the car while Kaveri is helping her wash it, they both clean the entire car and then breath a sigh of relief, Kaveri says that Damini has forced her mother to do such work and she got scared, Kaveri is glad the car is clean and so suggests they should let this car rest for a few days because till the time the Chita of Gungun cools down they should let it rest after which they will take this new car on the highway. Damini says that both Radha and Mohan got very high hopes because they wanted to go to Maldives and win the competition after which they could take back their house, she exclaims that the real battle has just started because Gungun has died and how would they go to participate in the Maldives after the death of Gungun. Damini asks Kaveri if she remembers what Radha said that they will return after one month and it will be a MahaBharat, Damini says she ended the MahaBharat before it even started but at the consequence of Gungun.

The entire Trivedi family is waiting when the doctor comes out so Kadambari immediately asks how is their daughter but he remains quiet so Mohan and Radha also question why is he not giving any answer, the doctor says that Gungun is in a very critical condition and there is internal bleeding even in the brain, they are going to perform three different operations, one for the chest injuries while the second for her brain injury and the tried for her spinal injury. The doctor says that the treatment is very complicated and they have to call doctors from out of the city, Radha says the doctor should call whomever they desire when the doctor replies that it is not that easy as there is only one doctor in this entire country who can perform it but he is himself not present in the country and it would take more then two million just to call him. Mohan says what is the problem in that as they can even give twenty million to save their daughter, he turns to Kadambari asking her to give the cheque book when he realizes how they had been deceived and Damini took control of their entire property, Mohan realizing it feels helpless while Kadambari is also emotional.

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