Popular Folk Singer Sharafat Ali Passes away In Car Accident

A famous Pakistani Siraiki singer, Sharafat Ali Baloch, died in a tragic car accident. An accident occurred in Mianwali, near Pakka Ghanjera. The tragic incident happened yesterday evening. Seven people have lost their lives in this accident. According to some sources and social media, the accident occurred when the singer lost control of his vehicle because of the excessive speed.

They all returning from a music people when the accident occurred. The ill-fated vehicle lost control and veered into the canal.

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Sharafat Ali Passed away Along With His Brother

His younger brother, Sharafat Ali, as well as six people from his group, were traveling in the vehicle. They all were returning from the concert. Social media is also flooded with images and footage of the submerged vehicle’s recovery.

Quick response by the local rescue teams enabled them to recover the submerged vehicle and retrieve the bodies of all seven individuals.

A bag full of cash is found in a singer’s car which is given to the grieving families. The police handed over the bag to the relatives of the deceased.

In the meantime, Police started an investigation into the incident.

Social media users and fans are sad over the tragedy. They are showing condolences to the relatives of the singers. Fans are also playing for the departed soul.


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