Parineeti 14th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Pari prepares for Tai ji’s birthday

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Scene 1
Pari looks around the preparations. Neeti helps her. Salojna doesn’t like everyone being happy. She says I would never let them be happy. Neeti wishes Pami happy birthday. She hugs her. Pari gives her prasad. Pari says I have arranged the pooja and donations for the day. She says let me cook something sweet for you.

Sanju looks for any clues in the room. He says there’s nothing in the prove her wrong. I don’t know who is right or wrong. Salojna says to Gurinder do you like Neeti? Gurinder says she’s very special. Salojna says everyone knows she’s nice. Neeti is very innocent. She can’t see how clever Pari is. She’s making dessert just to prove she’s better than everyone. Neeti says bebe please I don’t want all that today. Salojna says to Gurinder see how innocent she is. Pari is very clever. She overshadows her. Pari cooks the halwa. Chandrika says Tai ji loves it. Neeti comes. Pari says I am making your fav halwa. Neeit says what else can you do. But I will eat cake today. Pari says I can’t make cook. Neeti says I know and I didn’t ask you. I havee ordered it from the best place. Chandriak says Tai ji loves the halwa. She will serve it to all the guests. Neeti says yeah make it well. Neeti says in heart I will ruin it. She says no that will ruin Tai ji’s birthday.

Scene 2
Pami sees Dalji doing something in the closet. She asks what are you doing? He says I was keeping this gift for you. she says don’t do this drama. You can fool everyone not me. I know your reality. He says you never cared about you. You took responsibility of the whole village but not me. I needed you and you weren’t there for me. I needed your love. Pari comes there. She says Tai ji I came to get the phone. Daljit gives her the gift and says happy birthday and leaves. Pari asks Daljit what happened? You shouldn’t have been so loud on your mom. She’s done so much for you. He says all women give birth. Pari says they could abort you. there are kids without parents. I got to know after my dad left. How important he was. Your should respect your mom. He says sorry adn thank you for making me realize. I will talk to mom. Pari says thanks for understanding.

Pari looks after the decoration. Salojna says she’s doing preparations like it’s someone’s wedding. Pami should think about her age. Chandrika says we’re doing this for Tai ji. She cares for us. Salojna says I don’t need a lecture from you. Think before you talk to me. I am not Gurinder. Neeti looks at Pari. She asks what are you doing? This could fall on you. Pari gets teary that Neeeti cared for her. She tells Babli Neeti still cares for her. Salojna doesn’t like it. Sanju comes there. He looks at Pari. Gurinder says why are you lookig at Pari? What has she done that you ccare for her too much? Sanju says what are you saying ma? Pari fixes the decor. Sanju says get down. What are you doing. Pari sayslet me hang it here. ari falls. Sanju holds her. Neeti doesn’t like it. Daljit says to Neeti they look like best friends. And you look like a third person. Like he’s married to you and he likes pari. Pari says to Sanju sorry. I will handle it. Neeti gets angry. She recalls what Daljit said. Bebe says will you cry like this all your life? You should open your eyes and see things. Salojna says they were acting like a couple and you were ignored. It was all so filmy. You just came here to cry. I know you wanna spend this day well but what about your life? You’ve ruined your life. neeti says what should I do? She says ask Sanju for your right.

Episode ends

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