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Pandya Store 14th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Amrish helps the Pandyas

Pandya Store 14th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Chiku saying we will arrange the injection. Doctor asks him to rush. Amrish gets angry and asks Bhaven what did you do when you got a chance to keep the responsibility. He removes his shirt and shows the bruises on his back. Bhaven recalls the childhood moment. Amrish works hard and lifts the sacks. He gives money to Bhaven and asks him to arrange food. Bhaven steals the food and comes to Amrish. He says those people are following me. Amrish says you should have not stolen the food. The men come and beat up Amrish. Amba and her sons look on. She feels helpless and cries.

Amba says Amrish, forget the old things. Amrish says Bhaven has hurt me a lot, how shall I give the family responsibility to him. Dhawal comes. Amba says Chiku is Natasha’s brother, he has fought with everyone, where did you go. Dhawal says I had gone to the hospital, Suman is critical. She asks why did you go. He says I should have been there. He asks Amrish to call the doctor from Mumbai and arrange the injection. He says Natasha is worried. Amba says she insulted us, she left you, you went there to cry for her Dadi, why, you aren’t a part of their family, you have no relation with them now. Dhawal asks what, I m a part of that family. She asks how did you become a part of her family. He says I married Natasha, I m a part of her family, I have responsibility towards her family. Amba says do whatever you want. He says we did wrong by breaking her trust and heart, we can deny, but we are responsible for this. He asks Hetal and Pranali to say something. He says we have done wrong with them just to get Pandya store, we cheated them, I m wrong, please do something. Natasha gives money for medicines to Chiku. Chiku says don’t give me money, I just want your support, Suman is my Dadi also. She says sorry, when Shesh and Mittu wanted anything, I gave them money. He says don’t worry, everything will get fine, Suman will get fine. Amrish calls someone. Dhawal smiles.

Chiku says you both have the food. Natasha says you also didn’t eat anything. Doctor comes and says it’s a good news, we got the medicine and a specialist is coming from Mumbai, Suman will get fine. Natasha smiles. Amrish says you would be thinking how I have become an emotional fool and helping those who insulted me, I have to do it for my relations. Natasha says I want to thank him. Doctor says Suman is lucky that the doctor is coming to treat her. She cries. Chiku and Shesh hug her. yaadon ki baraat…plays…

Amrish asks did you see Dhawal, he was a rebel, he accused me today. Dhawal comes to the hospital and sees Natasha sleeping. She wakes up and sees him. He takes her away. Amrish says he said I m wrong, I can tolerate everything but not see my brothers going away, so I requested the doctor to come for the family emergency, I can’t lose Dhawal, I m strong because of my brothers, I can share my feelings in front of you, Dhawal is my life. Natasha asks Dhawal to get lost. He says listen to me first. She says I don’t want to talk to cheaters.

He says you have to listen to me. They fight. He asks do you love me. She stops. Amrish says I can’t see Dhawal crying and going away from me, I will shatter without him, I love him a lot. Amba cries. Hetal cries for her family and hugs her mum’s pic. Amrish comes and asks did you not sleep till now. The pic falls. He picks it. He says it fell. She makes an excuse. Dhawal says I thought love will happen after marriage, you love me, right, I wanted Pandya store, you also wanted to sell it and go to Ahmedabad for MBA, I thought you will get a space in mall and also money, Shesh and Mittu’s future would have got secured, my intention wasn’t wrong. Natasha says you should have told me everything before marriage, I would have married you, you felt so, you were wrong. Dhawal says trust me. She asks trust? I have got cheated, I won’t come in your words, I know you still want Pandya store, our relation is over, forget it as a dream.

Suman sees Dhawal and his family. She asks Natasha is everything fine, did Dhawal cheat you.

Update Credit to: Amena


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