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Neerja 14th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Neerja’s Clever Plan

Neerja 14th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Didun says if a guy pays a woman at Songachi, the situation never stays the same. Now she will enjoy the drama she started. Shabbo asks, where did Neerja go? Didun says that it was the between two lovers, and now its has started. She must have gone to meet her mother for some peace. Shabbo asks if she’s aware her mother can give her so much courage. Didun says that it can never happen.

Neerja’s mother is singing a song for her. Neerja starts rethinking about her past, how did she learned everything despite of the social norms and difficulties. She also remembers all the learning she got from her mother. Police woman shows up and asks Neerja to leave because her time is over. Neerja tells her mother that she will fight for her justice. Her mother kisses Neerja’s forehead. Neerja turns back and leaves the police station.

Moshumi is crying her room. Bijoy shows up and tries to console her. She says that it’s all fault of her upbringing towards Abir, he would have never went to that notorious place if she raised him right, and now she’s making a mistake of lying to Pisima who trust her so much. She says that Abir didn’t only break her trust, but also made her ashamed of herself. She again starts crying.
Abir shows up and gets inside the room. He sits in front of his mother. He touches her feet and apologises. He tells her that he just wanted to get answers to some questions which he got, and he promises that he will never see Neerja’s face ever again in his life. His mother tells him it’s good that understood. Bijoy says that Didun used to take lakhs of rupees for some work. Abir’s mother asks him to forget everything about her. Abir agrees and says that he will take care of her and will never think about Neerja ever again.

Didun and Babu are talking to each other. Babu tells Didun that he wants a girl, who has never into this business. Didun says that he’s asking too much. He tells her that he’s just an agent. Baby takes out a newspaper and tells her that a businessman is coming from Dubai for some deals, and he also needs a girl for himself. Babu tells her that they will gain a lot of profit out of this deal. Didun calls Babu nears her. Didun asks if they get dhirams it will convert into more amount here? Babu says, yes. Neerja comes back. Didun asks if she met with her mother? Didun tells Babu that his work will be done, but will take a hefty price for that. Babu asks if she really got a girl like that? Didun says, yes. Babu leaves and asks Neerja if she’s Protima’s daughter? Babu turns back and leaves. Shabbo asks Didun if they got Neerja suitable for the job? Neerja rushes towards and asks if who was that guy, and why was he talking about marriage, and why is Shabbo taking her name? Neerja tells Didun that she has already suffered a lot and she’s not going to any sheikh from Dubai. Didun tells Neerja that she will do whatever she likes, and tells her to go and rest. Shabbo also tells her the same.

Neerja goes to her room. Chakri comes in and asks Neerja if she’s not afraid that Didun will sell her to that wealthy man from Dubai. Neerja tells Chakri that it’s all her plan against Didun, and Babu came here just to help her. Neerja’s mother told Neerja to execute this plan. Neerja tells the whole story to Chakri that how she and her mother planned everything.

Neerja shows up at the Bar to meet Babu. Babu wins a game of cards against his opponent and starts celebrating with everyone. Neerja calls babu. Babu goes upto her. She tells him the keywords. Babu and Neerja went outside to talk.

Chakri asks Neerja that how did she convince Babu for the plan. Neerja tells her that Babu told her about the news regarding wealthy man from Dubai, and he’s coming after 15 days, and till then, nobody will touch her. So she can find a way to help her mother in this 15 days.

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