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Neerja 13th October 2023 Written Episode Update : Moushmi slaps Abeer

Neerja 13th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Neerja says to Abeer, Sonagachi is that dirt you can never get rid of and congratulations from now on we equally are in this filth and like you didn’t listen to me, no one will believe that you went to Sonagachi and didn’t even touch me and all will judge you the way you judged this place and me.
He comes from a well-respected family, and he’s about to face the embarrassment of making a mistake in front of someone. Abeer shares with her that he knows the truth. Neerja tells him she already knew the truth, which he didn’t. Abeer playfully teases him, and she just nods.

Later, Abeer leaves the room and two guys ask him how his night was and who he spent it with. Abeer gets annoyed, says nothing wrong happened, and remembers Neerja’s warning. Neerja and Abeer then go their separate ways. Bijoy scolds Satark for letting Abeer go out without telling Moushmi about it.

Abeer asks Bijoy not to be mad at him. Moushmi arrives, and Bijoy tells her that Abeer spent the whole night in Sonagachi. She slaps Abeer, saying he’s not the same guy she knew. She won’t let him into the house until he cleans up his act. She pours water over his head.

Neerja visits Protima in jail and tells her the truth. Moushmi tells Abeer that their house is like a sacred place, and he’s not welcome until he gets rid of his impure thoughts and feelings. She pours water over his head too.

Protima advises Neerja not to lose confidence and to create a new life for herself. Moushmi tells Abeer to change his clothes and forget about Neerja. Bijoy asks Satark for help, and they go inside.

Pishi Maa and Munmun return home and notice something’s wrong. Protima tells Neerja to stand on her own and not rely on others.

Moushmi says Abeer and Bijoy might be sick and need to clean the house with Ganga water.

Shabborani tells Didun that Neerja ran away with Abeer, but Didun thinks they now hate each other. Shabborani asks if they’ve resolved their issues. Didun says not possible, I will never let that happen,once you pay in Sonagachi this place never leaves the persons fate.

Pre cap: Didun is asked if she can get a beautiful girl married to Shaikh. Didun looks at Neerja and agrees to proposal.
Neerja says to Didun she doesn’t want to marry any Shaikh. Didun says you don’t get to choose you are my property.
Neerja happily walks to her room and tells Chakri that she wants Didun to take this step.

Update Credit to: Tanaya


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