Meet 14th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Shagun plans to destroy Sumeet’s confidence and pride.

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At Sumeet and Shlok’s remarriage, a person in a veil knocks at the door claiming to be Kanchan from their ancestral village, there to bless them. Dadi welcomes her as she is from her village. However, it’s revealed that this is Shagun, aiming to ruin the occasion. Rajiv praises Tauji for a creative idea of using a toy car for the haldi ritual. Shagun distracts him by throwing a plate and sneaks something into the haldi.

Shlok secretly holds Sumeet’s hands and tries to be romantic. Anju and Rajiv bring the haldi, and Dadi asks Poonam to start the ritual. Shagun believes her drama will soon unfold, and a terrible omen strikes when a dead snake is found in the haldi bowl. Sumeet tries to keep things positive and reassures everyone that they’re together and happy. Guests blame Anju and Rajiv, thinking they aren’t professional wedding planners. Shagun anticipates more chaos as the family members start to fight.

Rajiv and Tauji are on the verge of arguing, but Sumeet and Shlok manage to defuse the situation. Sumeet finds a silver lining in the mishap, as she gets to grind the turmeric herself for Shlok. She wonders how the snake ended up in the haldi. As they continue, Shlok gets close to her and playfully encourages her to embrace a star wife’s lifestyle with demands. Sumeet, however, values their togetherness more than material possessions and expresses her happiness by hoping for Shlok’s successful stage performance.

Their conversation is interrupted when Anju bursts into tears, upset about the wedding preparations. She tells Rajiv that they dreamed too big and now feel like it’s their first and last wedding planning job. Sumeet asks Shlok if he’d give up singing if the producer rejects his song. Shlok is determined not to let that happen since he has put everything at stake.

Tauji notices a bad smell, and Shlok identifies it as formalin. They realize the same odor was coming from the person in the veil, Kanchan. Sumeet has an idea to uncover the truth. She suggests feeding sweets to the guests, starting with Shagun. However, Shagun refuses to eat, claiming she smells formalin in the custard.

In a flashback, it’s revealed that Sumeet, with Akki’s help, discovered that Kanchan was actually Shagun in disguise. Shlok confronts Shagun about how she entered their house. The family insists that Shagun leave, and the turmeric ritual for Shlok and Sumeet continues happily. Even Raj and Priyanka enjoy dancing together, and Raj applies turmeric to both Shlok and Sumeet. Shagun calls the music producer to inform Shlok about breaking their contract, convinced that Shlok’s career will suffer, leading to a strain in their relationship.

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