May I Come In Madam 2 14th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Sanjan Has A Sarp Dosh

May I Come In Madam 2 14th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kashmira gets upset seeing Sajan dancing with Sanjana. Sajan walks to her and says he wanted to surprise her with his dance. Kashmira says she can’t see her husband dancing with another woman. Sajan says he wanted to make her jealous and asks her to kiss him. Daadi emerges into Kashmira’s body and punishes Sajan as usual. Sajan then visits Khiloni and Batuta for an alcohol session tells them how he imagines Sanjana in them and everywhere. An astrologer walks in and asks for antidiarrheal pills. Khiloni shows his palm and asks him to predict his future. Astrolger says he will get wealth soon. Khiloni gets a call that his uncle passed away and left 2 lakhs for him. Sajan hurriedly shows his palm. Astrologer says he has sarpa dosh and a woman around him will bite as a nagin in his life.

Next morning, Sajan gets ready for office and seeing Ramvati taunts that Bhupesh told her eyes look like an owl. Bhupesh enters and says Sajan is lying, mummy’s eyes are absolutely fine. Sajan imagines stabbing Bhupesh with a toy. Kashmira gets him out of imagination. Sajan shouts that Kashmira’s daadi has made his life a hell and he feels like running away from this house. He walks out of the house. Mrs Balu walks to him and asks if he is going to office, she will drop him. Sajan leaves with him, leaving Kashmira fuming.

At office, Sajana gets manicure and huffs after having spicy chat. Chedi asks why she has a spicy chat when she can’t handle it. Sanjana says she can’t resist chat and a vendor sets up stall right at their office entrance. Chedi goes to have chat. Sajan notices her wagging her tongue and thinks she has turned a nagin/serpent. Sanjana gets a client’s call to shoot an advertisement of a rat oil. Sanjana then drinks milk like a serpent. Sajana notices that and gets more afraid recalling astrologer’s prediction. Comedic events continue.

Precap: Sajan tells his friends that astrologer’s each prediction is coming true, madam turned out to be a nagin as she asked him to get some rats. Sanjana and Chedi perform nagin dance around him.

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