Katha Ankahee 13th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Katha and Viaan miss each other.

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Everyone applauds Viaan’ singing, he reads them a poem as well. The cell mates and police officer appreciates him.
Falguni assures Katha that he would fix everything while Katha looks at Viaan’s photo agreeing with Falguni about how his presence would support her.

The police man would miss Viaan here.

Katha is trying best to understand children but they refuse to talk. Children goes through a lot of anxiety, depression and mental stress. They are vulnerable both physically and emotional, they are in need of constant attention, a bad company can ruin them. Falguni agrees, it hard to handle a ruined child. Flaguni asks when is her returning, and if the mother and aunt have accepted or not. Katha tells that will return in two days, the mother has agreed while the aunt left. Katha looks at the glass painting that she and Viaan drew hanging on her wall, recalls a poem and Viaan’s memories. Katha wipes his tears, decides to call.
Viaan receives a call in cell. Katha tells that Aarav needs him, she is unable to handle him alone. Viaan tells that they would be together in two days.

At night, Katha asks Aarav the favorite color of cat, tells that its purple. Aarav wasn’t interested, he gets himself a soda from the fridge. Katha wants to have hot chocolate and marshmallows. Aarav sits down without opening the can. Katha makes hot chocolate while telling Aarav that some of his students are gamers as well, they love dragon pose the most. She gives him hot chocolate, tells that one of the child plays castle run like Aarav, he should come to her class as well. Aarav asks when is he returning, Katha tells that he will return in two days. Aarav leaves. Katha receives a call from Ehsan asking about her health and to inform that Viaan will be free in two days. Katha was standing behind as Viaan was leaving for prison. Viaan asks Ehsan to request Katha to wait for him, they are in a dark phase again, he failed as a father to save Aarav, wonder what Aarav and Katha were, he blames his fate, Viaan will fight everything, Katha must wait for him. Ehsan hugs Viaan, Teeji cries while Vanya consoles her, Viaan leaves. Ehsan tells Katha to wait, Viaan will return and fix everything. Katha asked Ehsan to inform when he returns, Katha will not come to office from tomorrow, she needs break, some alone time. Katha was happy to know about Viaan’ bail.

Ehsan comes to Teeji complaining why she ruined everything. Teeji questions, Ehsan tells that she should be happy for Viaan’s return. Her happiness should reflect on her face, he serves her dinner. Teeji had terrible eight months, she didn’t touch a thing in Aarav’s room, has bought new gifts for him as well. Teeji will not let them go this time, wonders how Viaan would have spent these 8 months. Ehsan assures that Aarav will forget all his pain after this news.

Katha looks at Viaan’s photos and belongings. She tried but couldn’t sleep. Viaan wasn’t able to sleep as well. He looks at a star, tells it that Katha’s memories don’t let him sleep, they had enough to think about. Katha ponders what Viaan must think about. Viaan has only thought about the day he will meet Katha. Katha wonders how they would meet. Viaan assures that they will meet soon and to be together forever, he asks the star to rest as she must be tired. Viaan will come to her soon. They bot ay down smiling.

Next morning, Katha was in her yoga class as she notices a mother and daughter arguing over headphone set. The mother wants her to hand it over while she refuse to do so. Katha comes to them, the child wants Katha to make her mother leave. Katha ends the class, questions the mother, who tells that it has become impossible for her to have a conversation with her daughter, she becomes irritated and angry.

Katha goes to the child, she refuse to hand over her headphone. Katha can not dare to take them, the child looks like a music lover, its wrong to deprive someone from their love, music is important for yoga as well. Katha can not take music from a music lover but she thinks that silence is important as well. The child tells that she never has silence, Katha question, the child tells her what happened. Katha leaves her to be with her headset.

PRECAP: Katha receives a call, rushes back home to find Aarav aggressively spraying a wall. Falguni questions Katha for being hasty about her decision regarding engagement. Katha need it for a fresh start. Viaan is released from prison.

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