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Junooniyat 13th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Ilahi reunites her parents

Junooniyat 13th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Jahan is shocked to see Daljit there. He asks Husna what is Daljit aunty doing here? Why is she hugging Ilahi? Husna cries and says that’s Ilahi’s mom. They finally got united. Jahan cries and thanks God. Ilahi asks Daljit where did you go? Didn’t you miss me one day? Dad and I missed you so much. Everyday I used to think about you. Daljit cries and says I missed you everyday. I always prayed for your happiness. Ilahi says you were my happiness. She cries and hugs her. She I am so happy. Daljit says I am so happy. Both my daughters are with me. See your sister. Ilahi is shocked. She says Seerat? Ilahi hugs Seerat and cries. She says my sister? Seerat recalls Jahan saying he only loves Ilahi. Seerat says first you took my love and now my mom. I hate you. Ilahi is shocked. Daljit hugs Ilahi. Ilahi cries hugging her. Daljit asks Ilahi to finish the concert. She says I will meet you at home.

Jahan comes to Ilahi. Jahan says Jordan hasn’t changed. I will show you his real face. Come with me. He says I will show you his real face. Jahan takes her to the room where he locked Jordan. Jordan isn’t there. Jahan asks the makeup boy where is Jordan? He says who Jordan? Jahan says don’t lie. He says this guy gave you water. Jordan mixed something in your water and asked him to give it to you. You won’t be able to sing. I changed your flask. Jahan hits the boy and sayswhere is Jordan? Ilahi says leave him. Ilahi finds Jordan’s ring in the room. Jahan says please trust me Ilahi. Jordan comes there. He says Ilahi you here? You sang so well. Let’s go people are waiting for your autograph. Let’s go. He hold sher hand. Jahan shouts and says Jordan leave her hand. Ilahi says stop it Jahan. Don’t forget he’s my husband. You can’t misbehave with my husband. Jahan says you are making a mistake. Ilahi says stop this. Do you have any proof? I know Jordan loves me. He’s changed. You don’t interfere in my life. Ilahi leaves with Jordan. Jahan is shocked. Ilahi says in heart I am sorry Jahan. I know you’re right but I’ve to do this drama to expose Jordan and get divorce.

Scene 2
Ilahi thanks God her mom is back. She says mummy ji I won’t let you go away from me ever. Jordan comes there. He says don’t cry, today is a happy day. I promised you you will succeed and your mom would come back. See I did it for you. Let’s go celebrate. Let’s go for a nice drive and dinner. Ilahi says today is very special for me. I wanna celebrate with my mom. Jordan says can I go meet her with you as well? Ilahi says I wanna meet her alone. Jordan says no worries, give her my regards.

Ilahi calls Daljit and says we will surprise dad. I will meet you outside. Ilahi sees Jahan drinking. Ilahi asks Jahan you’re drinking? Why are you doing this? She says you hate alcohol. He says the girl I loved the most doesn’t trust me. Ilahi says you won’t drink. He says who are you to stop me? She breaks the bottle. Jahan says you broke my heart and now this bottle as well. I thought you loved me. He holds her hand. Jordan sees them together. He’s shocked. Jordan says what’s going on. Jahan says please say all of this is drama and you hate Jordan. You love me. Tell me you love me. Ilahi says stop it please. I don’t want to tell you anything. He says please say once you love me. Ilahi says in heart I love you more than my life but I sacrificed my love to save your life. Jordan comes there and hits Jahan. He says how dare you touch my wife. Jahan says she’s not your wife, she doesn’t love you. Ilahi says stop it. Jordan says he’s crossed all the limits. Ilahi says stop it. Enough. Ilahi says Jahan go inside please. Jahan goes inside. Ilahi leaves. Jordan says what you did today Jahan, you will pay for it today only.

Scene 3
Amar opens the door. Daljit is there. He’s shocked. Everyone in the house is shocked. Ilahi met Amar and said please open the door today. I know I went there against your will but you will know the reason. Please don’t say no today. Please open the door for someone else. Ilahi and Amar cry. daljit cries as well.

Dolly says Jahan you’re drunk? What are you doing? Jahan cries and says I will die without Ilahi. I can’t breathe. She takes him inside. Jordan says you will live without Ilahi. Jahan says I will die without Ilahi. Ilahi does Daljit’s arti. She hugs her. Ilahi says welcome back home mummy ji. She says thank you Ilahi. Ilahi says I fulfilled my promises. Now you both have to resolve your issues. Amar says Daljit come in. He asks Seerat didn’t come? Daljit says she was just here. Daljit and Ilahi look for Seerat. She slits her wrist. Ilahi and daljit run to her. She faints.

Scene 4
Someone faints Jahan while he’s asleep and drags him out. Seerat is fainted. Ilahi and Daljit try to dress her wound. Daljit says why did you do it? Ilahi says what if something happened. Seerat shoves her and says don’t do this acting. She says mom she must be sad why am I alive. Daljit says she’s your sister. What are you saying. Seerat says she’s not my sister. She’s my biggest problem. She’s the girl Jahan loves.

Jordan takes Jahan to the bathtub and opens the tab. He leaves a bottle there. Jordan says you want to die without Ilahi and I want to live with her. If you die, our wishes would fulfill. Good bye.

Episode ends

Precap-Jahan is drowning. Ilahi sees water coming out of his room. She rushes and sees Jahan drowning. Ilahi screams.

Update Credit to: Atiba


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