Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 14th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Vandu’s tiring day

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 14th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vinay praising the food made by Vandu. Vandu says even my dad used to like the food. Vandu cries. Sarita asks why are you crying. Anjali taunts Vandu. Vinay scolds Anjali. Sarita argues. Vandu asks did Vaibhav call. Vinay says don’t know where did he go leaving Vandu alone. He says Vandu, you keep Vaibhav under control. Sarita argues. Vandu says its okay, he will come soon. Sarita says you want my bahu to control my son. Vinay says I can’t sit here like a fool and see the wrong happening. She asks him to go. She says he shouldn’t support Vandu. Vaibhav and Mrunal have the food. Vandu keeps the food ready. She says Vaibhav will come home tired, we will have the food together. She drinks water. She calls him. She waits for him. Sarita and Anjali come. She says there is Satyanarayan puja at home, you and Vaibhav have to do it together, until then husband and wife can’t sleep in the same room, give the jewellery to me, I will keep it safe and give it to you tomorrow at the time of puja. Vandu gives it to Sarita. Sarita and Anjali ask her to give other jewellery. Vandu says that was imitation jewellery.

Anjali taunts her. Sarita asks is this real, its so light in weight. Vandu says its real jewellery, dad saved money to buy this. Sarita taunts her on cheap jewellery. She asks Anjali to keep the jewellery. Vandu says once Vaibhav comes, we will have food and sleep. Sarita says he went for work, don’t call him again and again, he will get annoyed, let him go out, you stay at home as a good bahu and good wife, take care of us, he will get happy, you have to handle this house tomorrow. She explains the household work. Vandu says I will handle everything. Sarita says I will retire now. She goes. Vandu waits for Vaibhav. Kunal stands in the balcony. He sees Vandu and Vaibhav’s pic. Vaibhav comes home. Sarita asks him to do anything he wants, but after a few days. He says I can’t plan my life according to her. She says she will doubt you. Vandu asks what doubt. Someone looks at Kunal. Sarita lies to Vandu. She asks Vandu to sleep in her room today. She says you both can sleep in your room from tomorrow. She goes. Vandu hugs Vaibhav. He asks what happened. She says your wife has missed you a lot, we were friends before and now husband and wife. He says I won’t change. She says I want to call you with love and respect. He says your wish. She says I waited a long for you, if you got more late then I would have cried. Kunal sees Sonia’s pic and cries. He says the one you love, when you hate that person, hatred is more than love, I hate you for cheating me and ending my trust. Someone looks on. Vandu says I made your fav food, come, we will have it together. Vaibhav says I had eaten the food, sorry, give me 2 mins, I will freshen up and come.

Its morning, Vandu wakes up and sees everyone sleeping. She smiles and says new day, new life, thanks Bappa. Vandu gets ready and goes to fill the drinking water. She talks to the neighbor ladies. Sarita sees Vandu getting the water buckets. Vandu starts cooking.

She manages all the world. Sarita gets backache. She says handle the work until I get fine, then you will get habitual. Vandu says everything will be done, don’t worry. Vinay asks Vandu to sit down and have a cup of tea. Vandu says yes, I will keep tea for Anjali also. Sarita says wake up Vaibhav, he needs time to get ready. Vandu doesn’t drink the tea and goes. Vinay asks what. Sarita asks him to do his work. Vandu wakes up Vaibhav romantically. He says let me sleep. Her saree gets stuck. She thinks Vaibhav held her and asks him to leave her. She turns and sees him sleeping. She smiles.

Vandu gets tired. She falls. Everyone is shocked. Kunal says its Sonia’s fav flowers, how did this come here. He gets Sonia’s message.

Update Credit to: Amena


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