Asif Raza Mir’s Great Advice To Young Couples

Asif Raza Mir is the legend of the industry. He has been a heartthrob since Tanhaiyaan and later on gave many successful projects through his production house. He is nowadays talk of the town as Peeral in Jhok Sarkar and his performance is once again keeping everyone on their toes. Asif Raza Mir is married to wife Samra for 32 years now and the couple is still going strong.

Asif Raza Mir's Great Advice To Young Couples

Asif Raza Mir was a guest on Fuchsia and it was his first interview in 10 years. He talked about his journey in the industry,going through ups and down in life and his marriage and relationship with his sons, Ahad and Adnan. He also shared his experience with young couples on the basis of what he has seen in life.

Asif Raza Mir's Great Advice To Young Couples

He said that you should always respect your partner. There will be arguments, different points of view but do not look down upon your partner and involve them in every aspect. He also said thinking about “us” and not about “me” is what will make a relationship stronger. He also said if you see a red flag that your relationship is not working, move ahead and do not waste time. Here is what he said:

He also gave his opinion on why youngsters are becoming commitment phobic these days. He said that youngsters observe their surroundings and now girls are becoming economically stable and independent and they also have the autonomy to take their own decisions. But many times, men do not support women post commitment which causes commitment phobia. He added that recognizing the autonomy of women will make the situation better.

Asif Raza Mir's Great Advice To Young Couples

This is what he shared:


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