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Agnisakshi 13th October 2023 Written *LAST* Episode Update: With Rajnandini’s arrest, Satvik and Jeevika’s story have a happy ending

Agnisakshi 13th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rajnandini saying game over and is about to shoot Jeevika, but jeevika holds the gun and keeps the gun in air. Shlok, Pradeep and Juhi hold the goons snatching their guns. Narayan asks Rajnandini to kill him, but leave Jeevika. Rajnandini says if langar is distributed here, and tells that she wants to punish them by killing jeevika. She says just like you have snatched father from us, I will snatch your children from you. She says if you had grand children then I would have killed them today. Jeevika says enough and tells that you couldn’t be loyal to your sisters also, and talking about killing us and the children. Rajnandini says she can ram car from their dead bodies too. Utkarsh asks to how many people, you will kill? Satvik says we are ready to give life for each other. Juhi asks Rajnandini to apologize to them and tells that they will forgive you even now. Rajnandini tells that she is just answering them for the torture which they did on us. Juhi asks don’t you regret for your wrong doings and says they were my parents too who had died that day, and tells that it was neither Narayan uncle or the family’s mistake that you are punishing them. Rajnandini tells that she has her parents’ blood, but Juhi’s blood is just water.

Police comes there. Satvik asks Inspector to arrest her and don’t write Bhosle surname in Chargesheet, just write Rajnandini. Rajnandini tells that it is licenced gun. Satvik says it is for your defence and not to kill someone. He counts all her crimes. Utkarsh says now Rajnandini will have life imprisonment who kept me and my wife confined. Rajnandini tells that no jail can trap her. Police takes her from there. Narayan regrets to trust Rajnandini blindly and says I can’t forgive myself. Satvik says it is all of our mistake. Jeevika says betrayal was her choice, but not ours. Lata apologizes to Jeevika for that day. Jeevika asks her not to fold her hands or apologize, and says your hands shall bless me, and says if you don’t slap me then how will I remember my mother. Pradeep asks Jeevika if she is fine. Jeevika says yes. She appreciates Pradeep for searching and bringing Riddhima there. Aadhya asks Shlok to see that Pradeep dada is proud of Jeevika. Shlok argues with her.

Later, Satvik gets worried and scolds Jeevika for playing game with Rajnandini. Jeevika says leave it, it is our new start. She says I am an angel and you are my magical stick. She says you shall be happy always. Satvik asks her to say I love you to him. Jeevika says she can’t tell I love you to him alone, as she will say it to their kids. He says ok, but he shall get the big chunk of love.

After one year, Jeevika makes laddoos and keeps them in the plate, while Satvik along with kids steal it. Jeevika thinks where did the laddoos go missing. She finds Satvik and the kids having the laddoos. She asks what is happening? Satvik asks girl to say that they were playing hide and seek game. Jeevika tells Satvik that he is teaching lie to kids. She gives them laddoos and they go away from there. Satvik asks Jeevika to give him big chunk. Jeevika makes big laddoo and gives to Satvik. Satvik eats it.

Utkarsh tells Riddhima that he has been telling you not to eat pani puri, but you don’t listen to me. Riddhima is pregnant and tells that she eats for the baby. Swara asks Shlok what is the date? Shlok doesn’t remember. She tells that they have started dating on this day. He says his shani started when he got married to her. He teases her and gives her rose. Swara smiles.

Satvik tells jeevika that 10 kids are remaining. Jeevika says your hair is grey. Satvik says no. Everyone comes to the dining table to have food. Narayan thanks Satvik and jeevika for giving so much happiness to the family. Lata appreciates them for adopting the kids, who changed her heart with their love. They sit to have food. Juhi sets the camera to take the camera. Jeevika asks her if she is taking it for the project. Juhi says yes, and says she understood late that she likes to click the photos. Jeevika says she is happy for her. Juhi says she is happy for herself too. Narayan asks her to take Lata’s photo. Satvik says Mausi looks like Rekha Rao, actress. Lata says I look like her always. Jeevika teases Satvik and says you are missing heroines. Satvik says no. He says he said that to praise Mausi. Aadhya and Swara argue. Lata asks Jeevika about kids. Jeevika says they got tired so slept. Juhi sets the timer and poses for the photo with them. Jeevika tells that they have become backward with their thoughts as woman are expected to give birth to her children. She says when yashoda can be a mother to Krishna, then why not others. She tells that she is lucky to get such supportive sasural. The show ends on a happy note.

Show ends.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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