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Udaariyaan 13th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Alia joins hands with Baby

Udaariyaan 13th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Alia thinking how did Aasma turn into a spirit. Aasma stops the drama. The lights get on. She says I m sorry, don’t get scared, look there, Armaan was helping me, such fraud people come and fool you, you all were not understanding. Neetu says Baby wasn’t acting. Aasma says no. Neetu asks how did the baba make her fine. Armaan says someone else happened to Bua, she got fine by this injection, Aasma gave it to Baby at night, baba didn’t do anything. Armaan’s friends get the tantric home. Armaan scolds him and asks him to tell the truth. Tantric says there was no ghost. Rano and everyone worry. Tantric says I had a reason to do that, I was paid for it. Alia signs no. Armaan asks who gave you the money. Alia coughs and stares at him. He says some men came and gave me money. Armaan says those goons would have done this, come with me to the police station. Tantric says sorry, forgive me. Armaan warns him and sends him away. Aasma says black magic and all, it doesn’t exist, I request you not to trust such people, I m sorry to do this, but it was imp. She goes.

Alia goes somewhere. Alia gets angry and shouts. She says Aasma can’t win. Rano comes and apologizes to Aasma. Aasma says I just want your blessings, I will always love and respect this family. Armaan comes to Alia and says your plan failed, you had added this medicine in the milk. She says you are doubting me. He says I have seen you taking the milk glass to Bua’s room, tantric told me that you have given the money, you wanted to make everyone against Aasma. Neetu asks Aasma to slap her. Aasma says don’t do this. Neetu says I got scared seeing Baby’s scary avatar. Baby hears them and asks what. Aasma says it was a side effect of the medicine, don’t tell Baby, she will feel bad. Dadi says you have a big heart. Aasma says I love you all a lot. They all hug her. Alia says you have left no option for me, who shall I say, please return my love, you don’t understand, I will die today. Armaan stops her and says I m yours, you have hurt my family to hurt Aasma, you should have not done this, Aasma isn’t doing anything wrong, she loves everyone, you are her big enemy, even then she takes care of you. She asks him to stop it. She says I regret saying this, you are going away from me. She goes away and says I will make Aasma out of your house and your life, you and my dream won’t get away from me. He says Alia isn’t wrong, but Aasma isn’t at fault, I won’t let her become Alia’s target. Alia comes home and helps Baby. She asks are you upset with me, even I felt bad when Aasma insulted you. Baby asks her to stop the nonsense.

Alia lies to her about Aasma. She says I m with you if you want revenge on her. Baby says I don’t want any help, I can handle her again. Alia says I know, your life got ruined because of Aasma’s dad. Baby gets sad. Alia provokes her. Alia and Baby join hands. Aasma takes Raja with her. She goes back to get the file. Alia and Baby are connected on call. Baby locks Alia. Aasma asks who locked the door. She calls out Raja. The driver lies to Raja and takes him to the hospital. Alia follows Raja. She says you have made a good plan to take revenge on Aasma. Baby says take care of Raja well. Alia says don’t worry. Raja asks where is Aasma, where are we going, uncle. Aasma says who locked me, Raja is alone in the cab. She prays for Raja. Raja asks again. Driver says we will reach, don’t get scared. Raja says I want to go. Alia says where did the car go. Raja says stop the car. He opens the door. Driver catches him. He stops the car. Raja bites his hand and runs away.

Armaan waits for Aasma. He calls her. Baby sings. She says you insulted me, now see what happens. Aasma takes a candle stand and hits on the door. Raja runs and falls. Alia looks for him. Baby dances happily. Aasma shouts open the door.

The episode ends

Update Credit to: Amena


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