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Udaariyaan 12th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Aasma finds a way out

Udaariyaan 12th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with everyone getting shocked seeing Baby’s weird look and behavior. Baby scares them. She catches Rano. Armaan stops her. He asks Kannu to call the doctor. Alia says I think a bad spirit has come in Baby. Aasma asks what are you saying. Doctor comes to see Baby. Baby asks him to get lost. Doctor says it’s a strange illness, I don’t know anything. Aasma asks does she have any medicine’s side effect. Doctor says no, did she eat anything. Neetu says she had what we all had. Alia smiles and recalls spiking the milk for Baby. Doctor says I will give her medicine to sleep, she will be fine by morning. He gives the injection. Baby falls asleep. Alia says I m scared, is this the effect of the black magic things. Aasma and Armaan take care of Baby. Alia says I don’t understand, tantric also signed towards Aasma and Baby also said that. Neetu thinks. Alia says no, Aasma can’t do this, but I m scared. Armaan sees Aasma. Neetu goes to Dadi. She says doctor can’t help baby. Bobby agrees. They get the same tantric home. Aasma asks did you come here again. Rano asks her to be silent. Aasma says no one believes in all this. Neetu says we believe in this, we want the spirit to spare Baby. Armaan argues. Dadi says we have called him. The tantric says Aasma did this, she won’t let Baby get fine. He fools them and signs Alia. Alia smiles.

Armaan asks what nonsense. Rano stops him. Aasma says Baby needs a doctor. Neetu says Aasma did this. Rano asks why did you do this, Aasma. Aasma says believe me, I didn’t do this. Dadi says seeing Baby’s state, I m helpless to listen to baba ji. Aasma says I didn’t do this, why would I do this. Neetu says Baby regards you an enemy. Armaan says its all nonsense. Rano says I feel Aasma did this, so Aasma just get silent. Alia smiles and thinks I wanted this, everyone is against Aasma. The tantric asks them to send Aasma out. Armaan says you leave first. Neetu and Bobby argue with him and ask him to take Aasma outside. Dadi says we just want Baby fine. Rano asks Aasma to just go.

Aasma goes. Alia thinks she is going out the same way from where she had come. Aasma sits outside the house and cries. tantric does some rituals. Aasma prays. She says I don’t believe all this. Baby gets conscious. Neetu says Baby got fine. She thanks the tantric. The tantric says the night is dangerous, Aasma shouldn’t come inside the house, she has evil powers in her. The family doesn’t allow Aasma inside. Armaan asks them what are they saying. Aasma asks him to let it be. The door gets shut. Later, Armaan gets a shawl for Aasma. She thanks him. She asks him how is Baby. He says she is okay. She says you have to help me in explaining the family. He asks how. Neetu gets the tea for everyone. Alia says I will serve it. The lights flicker. Everyone gets scared hearing some strange laugh. Neetu asks what spirits did Aasma leave in our house. They see someone coming and scream in fear. Aasma comes to them with coloured face and laughs. Raja shouts to Armaan. Aasma says you thought tantric will make everything fine, is he Lord, no, now I will show what I will do. She acts and flies in the air. Everyone is shocked.

Precap: Armaan threatens the tantrik to tell the truth. Tantrik says there is no ghost here, i was paid to do this. Armaan asks who paid you. Alia gets scared.

Update Credit to: Amena


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