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Titli 13th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Megha provokes Garv

Titli 13th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Megha saying I m glad, no other family lied to us except Manikant and Koel. She says we all didn’t know, Titli, you also didn’t know it, right. Garv asks Titli did you know it, answer me. Titli cries. Garv gets angry. Megha says I m sure she didn’t know. Dhara writes a love letter for Chintu. She gets Chintu’s call. He says I have to tell something imp. She asks him to say. He says yes, its something imp, I have to tell it to you. They hear Garv shouting. Chintu asks why is Garv shouting. She says I will go and find out. He says don’t disconnect the call. She says fine. Garv asks Titli to answer. Megha says I m sure she didn’t know it. Garv says swear on me and tell me the truth. Titli cries and says I knew Chichi’s truth. Garv is shocked. Chintu hears this on call. Dhara looks on worried. Garv breaks down. He asks why did you do this. Chiku wakes up and looks on. Garv says you have hidden a big truth from me, you didn’t think you are doing wrong with me, I was changing for your sake, I was doing a lot to become a better person, I trusted you more than me, I had faith on our love, why did you do this, I can’t believe you can do this, say something, please. Megha says calm down Garv.

She scolds Titli. She angers Garv more. Dhrishti meets a doctor. Doctor says I m sorry, abortion can be fatal for your life at this time. Dhrishti asks how, there has to be some way, please help me. She says you do the abortion. Doctor says its risky for you, have some water. She gets a call and goes. Dhrishti calls Sandy. He answers and scolds her. She hears a girl talking to him. He ends the call. Dhrishti asks what shall I do now. Megha asks Titli didn’t you pity Garv, he loves you and trusts you. Titli says enough of your drama, I know what you are trying to do. Megha says Garv, don’t trust her, she is a liar. Titli says Megha is trying to create misunderstanding between us, she wants us to get away. Garv shouts stop it. He scolds Titli and breaks things. Chiku gets scared. Titli cries. Garv says I married you, I trusted you, I got ready to change for you, you broke me. He gets angry on Koel and Titli. He takes Chiku with him.

Titli sits crying. Koel says don’t worry, he will come and talk to you when his anger calms down. She hugs Titli and cries. Megha smiles. She taunts Titli. She says I had fun seeing your failed love story, I told you, Garv can never change. She laughs.

Titli asks Chiku to save her. Chiku holds his head. He recalls the old incident. Garv and everyone look on.

Update Credit to: Amena


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