Shiv Shakti (Zee) 13th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Manorama hurts herself in protecting Shakti

Shiv Shakti (Zee) 13th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Shiv is leaving the house at night but Nandu comes to him and asks what is he doing? I knew you will go to Shakti, you are not well, I won’t let you go. Shiv says its about Rimjhim’s life, I will tell you when I come back. Shiv goes to the garage and finds his bike there. Nandu says you haven’t touched it for 6 years. Shiv says I need it today. Nandu says please don’t go. Shiv recalls promising Rimjhim to stop the wedding. He tells Nandu to not say a word to anyone, he starts his bike and leaves. Mandira sees that and thinks where did he go? he never touched his bike for 6 years, what if he spoils my plan?

Shakti is silently leaving the house. Manorama stops her and asks where are you going?

Shiv is driving his bike and recalls his past accident, he doesn’t see a car coming near him and turns it just in time. He says I am coming Shakti. He comes to Shakti’s house and waits outside.

Mandira comes to Nandu and asks where is Shiv? I saw him leaving, where did he go? its about his safety, tell me. Nandu says he went to Shakti. Mandira asks why? Nandu says he said he wants to save Rimjhim’s life, I couldn’t stop him. Mandira shouts that you should have called me. All family members come there and ask what happened? Mandira tells Ragunath that Shiv went to meet with Shakti without telling anyone.

Manorama asks Shakti where is she going? Shakti says I.. Manorama says you are lying again? Shakti says I don’t lie. Manorama shows her mehndi and says your lie is on your hand. Shakti says I don’t know who wrote Shiv’s name on my hand. Manorama says this name is in your heart so don’t lie. Shakti says please trust me. Manorama says I can’t anymore. Shakti says you always trusted me, more than Rimjhim and Dharam. Manorama says yes but you are a liar so I don’t trust you anymore. Shakti says fine then I should be punished. She takes iron and is about to burn her hand but Manorama puts her hand behind her and gets burned. Shakti grabs her hand and cries.

Ragunath slaps Nandu and says how dare you let Shiv go? I gave you one task to protect Shiv and you couldn’t even do that. Dadi stops him and says its not his fault, Lord has united Shiv and Shakti so if we try to separate them then they will keep itching to come closer again.

Shiv is waiting outside Shakti’s house and says I can’t go inside, I have to wait here. Inside the house, Shakti tends to Manoram’s burned hand and they both cry. Shakti says what did you do? Manorama says I rather get hurt then seeing you get hurt. Shakti cries and recalls her moments with Manorama as a mother. Manorama says you thought you could hurt yourself and I would be silent? I am your mother so I can’t see you hurt. Shakti hugs her and cries. Manorama consoles her and says your honor is most important to me, once you leave the house then you lose your honor as a girl. Please don’t take wrong steps and stop your heart, I told you before also that you can never be with Shiv. Shakti says you have always trusted me so please trust me one last time, I would never do anything that would harm my family. She makes her lie down and asks her to rest. Manorama goes to rest.

Shakti checks her phone and sees Shiv’s message that he is waiting outside. Outside, Shiv gets Ragunath’s call but he cuts it. Mandira tells Nandu that he should have stopped Shiv. Nandu says I tried but he didn’t listen to me. Padma says you saw him leaving then why didn’t you stop him? Mandira says I have seen a lot so should I say it? I saw Shiv leaving but it was too late, I saw Nandu with him and asked him. Nandu cries and says I am sorry. Mandira says what if anything happens to Shiv? I can’t forgive you. Dadi consoles her and says don’t worry.. Lord has united Shiv and Shakti so trust him. Mandira thinks why did Shiv go to meet with Shakti.. I have to find out.

Shakti comes outisde the house, he says I was waiting for you. He gives her a helmet and they both drive away.

Manorama gets a call and wakes up. She sees its Mandira and takes it. She asks if everything is okay? Mandira says no.. nothing is fine. Manorama looks outside the window and is shocked seeing Shiv driving away with Shakti.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba


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