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Shiv Shakti (Colors) 13th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Mainavati Feels Disappointed

Shiv Shakti (Colors) 13th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Shiv disguised as an old masseuse Oma massaging Parvati’s head. Parvati feels relaxed. Oma asks if she is feeling good. Parvati says yes. Oma turns into Shiv. Parvati gets happy seeing him. Narayan and Narad discuss that Shiv showed his Shakti avatar inside him and cleared Parvati’s pain. Shiv tells Parvati that she saw his real avatar. Parvati says she could see Parvati in him. Shiv says when Parvati can come Shiv, can’t Shiv become Parvati, they both are life partners and one. Parvati says Shiv came in a maid’s avatar to meet her, she is blessed. Shiv says there is no maid or boss in love, Shiv can take any form to get his Parvati, this is the need of the nature. Parvati says she is immensely happy seeing him in front of her.

Mainavati orders jewelry for Parvati and pays jeweler. She orders maids to bring the jewelry to Parvati’s room. Parvati gets tensed seeing her walking in and fears she will notice Shiv. Shiv turns back to Oma again. Parvati smiles looking at her. Mainavati says it looks like this old masseuse Oma has magic in her fingers and asks Parvati if her pain subsided. Parvati says there is immense pleasure in love. Mainavati says Parvati is very innocent to fall for Bhola Shiv’s words earlier and now Boli Oma now. She then shows her jewelry and says it will look pretty on her. Parvati says when she is engaged in Shiv’s love, she doesn’t need this jewelry. Mainavati feels disheartened hearing that.

Oma tells Parvati that she should accept her mother’s request. Parvati refuses. Mainvati says she should understand that if she marries Shiv, she will never experience motherhood. She asks Oma to explain Parvati that a mother cannot throw a daughter between god and asur’s fights, Asurs are behind Parvati now because of Shiv; people can see love, but she can see only pain, insecurity, and sorrow of not having children; why don’t the world see a mother’s concern. Oma says whether anyone understands or not, Shiv understands her for sure. She assures Mainavati that she will convince princess to wear this jewelry and princess will look the world’s beautiful woman in this jewelry. Mainavati gets convinced and leaves. Parvati asks Shiv how can she wear jewelry when she wants to marry him. Shiv says it’s his wish to see her in this jewelry.

Shiv says our biggest enemy is our anger, getting angry is common, but how they will manage it decide their future.

Precap: Shiv tells Parvati that he accepts her with the jewelry.
Parvati says she can’t live without her. Shiv says this jewelry is his effort to get permission from her mother, he will marry her only after he convinces her mother.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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