Rabb Se Hai Dua 13th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Dadi gets to know about Kaynaat’s pregnancy

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Scene 1
Dua is worried about Ravi and recalls Ruhaan saying that he was sleeping, she says I still Ravi is not fine, how can I find out? I can’t ask anyone from the family. What should I do? She says I can’t talk to Haider but I don’t have a choice. She calls Haider, he sees her calling and says she can’t live without talking to me.. he recalls Hina saying that she will destroy their family and how she provoked Kaynaat, he ignores her call.

Kaynaat cries recalling her relationship with Hafeez. How they promised to be with each other. Hina comes there and says get ready to go to the hospital. Kaynaat says I won’t go anywhere. Hina says you fainted, what if anything happens to you? Kaynaat says it doesn’t matter, its good that I die, you can kill me instead of marrying me to someone else. Hina says you are so shameless and selfish, don’t take that goon’s name. Kaynaat says I will keep taking Hafeez’s name again and again. Hina is about to slap her but Kaynaat stops her and says you can stop me from talking me but you can’t take out my heart, Hafeez is my being now. Its the truth, you can marry me to someone else but I won’t like him ever, that man will rape me and you will be responible for it. Hina asks her to stop it but Kaynaat says you can beat me all you want. Dadi comes there and asks them to stop it. Hina says she is misbehaving with me. Dadi says she loves someone so what’s wrong with it? you are doing a sin by marrying her to someone she doesn’t want to, it will be illegal and invalid if she doesn’t want to marry that person. You can force her to marry someone else but it will be invalid, it will be haram, you will be cursed by Lord. Gulnaz comes there and says Dadi is right.

Dua calls Haider again, he takes it and asks why are you calling me? Dua says I feel restless, I didn’t want to call you. I feel like something wrong is going to happen. Haider says your brother tried to destroy my sister’s life which is enough, the bad will be if you enter my house again but I won’t let it happen, stay away from my family. If you try to stop Kaynaat’s wedding then I will forget what you were to me, if you want your safety then stay away. He ends the call and says I am sorry, I have to be rude to you.

Scene 2
Gulnaz tells Hina to not argue with Kaynaat. Hina says I am so worried about her, I have to take her to the hospital otherwise everything will be destroyed. Dadi asks what you mean? what’s wrong? Gulnaz says she means if anything happens to Kaynaat then people will blame us, she asks Hina to go. Hina leaves. Dadi has a doubt.

Haider says to himself that I love Dua a lot and don’t want her come back in this house, she will just be tortured here. I don’t want Kaynaat and Hafeez to get married as they will be hurt by our families too. Once they get married to other people, they will hurt for sometime but then they will move on in life and will be happy.

Gulnaz consoles Kaynaat and asks her to calm down, she says Hina is worried because she is your mother, what if anything happens to her? please listen to her and go to the hospital. Kaynaat says you people are destroying my life and then showing care. Gulnaz says I understand your love, once you get better then I will talk to Hina about your relationship with Hafeez. Dadi tells Gulnaz that you are a snake, you can’t be concerned about her. Gulnaz says she is like my child. Dadi says you were against their relationship then how come you are showing concern? Gulnaz says I want them united because I saw Rahat and I’s relationship, everyone was against us so I can understand her pain, I am with Kaynaat. She tells her that be fine and then you can fight for your life. Please go to the hospital, she leaves. Dadi sits with Kaynaat and says you should go to the hospital, you fainted so I am worried. You need strength to fight for your rights. Kaynaat says okay, if you are saying then I will go. Dadi checks her pulse and thinks I hope I am wrong. Kaynaat goes to get ready.

Hamida comes to Dua and says I was calling you but you are stressed, what’s wrong? Dua says I tried calling Ravi but he is not picking up, I am worried about him. I feel like he is in trouble. I have to go there. Hamida stops her and says first kill me and then go.

Gulnaz tells Hina and Gazal that Dadi had a doubt but I calmed her down. Gazal asks if Kaynaat got ready to go to the hospital? Gulnaz says Dadi made her agree. Hina says once her illegitimate child is aborted then I will have peace. Dadi hides and hears that.

Hamida tells Dua that Haider tried to kill you and you still want to go there? they are all waiting to kill you but you keep going back there, are you an idiot? if you want to die then kill me first so I don’t have to see it. They don’t deserve your love. Dua says I am worried about Ravi, I feel like he is in trouble. Hamida says I won’t let you go there. Dua shouts that Ravi is my brother like Hafeez, if I can die for Hafeez then I can do anything for Ravi too, I have to go there.

The episode ends.

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