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Parineeti 13th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Sanju takes care of Pari

Parineeti 13th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Shamu asks Neeti if he can hide in their place. He says police will find me otherwise. She says you can’t stay here. Tai ji has her birthday tomorrow. I can’t take a risk. The doctor asks Pari to be careful. She says we’ve to run some tests. Sanju comes there. The doctor says i asked you to take care of her Sanju. Sanju says I came here to talk about that. He says she thinks she’s not pregnant. Pari says what? He says I am talking to the doctor. Sanju says she doesn’t listen to me. She doesn’t drink milk I prepare for her. She doesn’t talk to me. Pari says stop it. The doctor says this isn’t fair Pari. You have to listen to him. Pari says I am sorry. The doctor says we have to do some blood tests. Pari says I am scared of needles. Sanju says I am there don’t worry. She’s scared. Sanju says I am here. He holds Pari’s hand. Sanju says see I told you it’d be easy. Sanju takes Pari to the chair. The doctor says Sanju you’ve to take extra care of her and Pari you’ve to listen to him.

Pari leaves in anger. Sanju asks where are you going? He says none of your business. Pari says I don’t want to talk to you. You can complain to the doctor. Sanju says talk to me first. She says I wanna go home first. Sanju says why are you so rude? She says I can take care of myself. You shouldn’t care for me. Babli asks what happened? sanju says see how rude she is. Pari gets a taxi. Sanju holds Pari and picks her. He takes her to the car. Pari says stop.. Sanju puts his finger on her lips and says sit inside. Sanju says I can never stop caring for you. I know you don’t like it. You can complain to anyone.

Scene 2
Preparations are going in the house. Pami asks Gurinder to not pick things. Salojna says Pari said she will do to. Neeti says she says something and does something else. She’s used to it. Salojna says see how responsible Neeti is. Pari keeps talking and disappears on time. Gurinder says it’s our house. we can handle. When Pari wasn’t here, we used to do things ourselves. Pami says she went to the doctor. You told me yourself Gurinder. Pari comes in. Gurinder says why did it take so long? Sanju says Tai ji ask her to let me do what I want. Pami asks what happened? Pami says he’s mad at me. Babli says she doesn’t let Sanju take care of her. Salojna says Sanju is Neeti’s husband. Pami says Pari is also our responsibility and part of our family. She’s my daughter. Everyone has to take care of her. If anyone doesn’t want to do their responsibility. If anyone misbehaves with her I won’t like it. Sanju says Pari needs extra care. Neeti gets angry.

Scene 3
Babli gives Pari her meds. Pari says I don’t feel like right now. babli says you have to. Pari says I feel weird. I will eat in a bit. Sanju comes there. He says open your mouth, he makes Pari eat the medicine. Sanju says very good. Sleep now. Pari asks this scar on your hand? Babli says you squeezed his hand with nails when doctor was doing your tests. Pari says sorry. Sanju says it’s fine. He leaves. Babli says to Pari I think he’s fallen in love with you.

Sanju brings food for Neeti. She says who is this for? He says for you. You didn’t eat it. She says I did, your attention was somewhere else. He says half roti and one spoon lentil, is that food? Neeti looks at him. Sanju makes her dirnk milk. SAnju says in heart I hope what I am thinking is wrong. I have always loved you Neeti. I told you so many times. I hope I am wrong with all that I am thinking.

Episode ends

Precap-Daljit says to Neeti this means Sanju got married to you but he has some feelings for Pari. Pari falls on Sanju. Chnadrika asks Pari don’t you love Rajiv? she says I love Rajiv since the first day I saw him. Neeti says to Sanju if you wanna leave this hand later then better leave it right now.

Update Credit to: Atiba


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