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Neerja 12th October 2023 Written Episode Update : Neerja performs for Abeer

Neerja 12th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Neerja says to Abir, you say you like me in these simple clothes. Abeer says wow you take good care if clients wish. Neerja asks Abeer what is he talking about. Abeer says why are you so surprised this is what girls like you do for money, look I have so much money for you, all you love is money and throws money on Neerja. Abeer says I will get you more, tell me your rate. Neerja says enough Abeer, what do you think of me. Abeer says the truth that you are from Sonagachi, the truth you hide from me for money. Neerja says you should have heard me before making all these assumptions. Abeer says didn’t I gave you time, I let you stay at my house, came to see you everytime to know you more but you kept telling me lies. Neerja says you are hurting me. Abeer says you started by hiding the truth and for the sake of money. Neerja says enough of your accusation, what did I do for money. Abeer says I saw you dancing at that party. Abeer shows the video of her dancing at the party in front of those cheap people and tell me what else you do to entertain your client. Neerja says enough Abeer, mind your words.

Neerja says to Abeer she was helpless. Abeer says don’t justify your filthy work. Neerja says its difficult to tell truth and good I never told you before because you would never understand and insult me by throwing money just like you did now, you are no different just like others you tried to trade my character with money and I was wrong to expect something else from you and I am sorry I will never trouble you here after. Neerja about to leave, Abeer stops her and says stop with your drama, I have seen your filthy truth and you are the biggest cheater. Neerja says good you found the truth you no longer have to deal with the lies now. Abeer says I paid for you, pick the money, it’s all yours Didun will get her share. Neerja says enough. Abeer says you could dance for those people you will dance here for me now. Neerja says you paid for me, which means this is not your anger but you traded for me.

Neerja says to Abeer, so you want me to dance for you right to entertain you. Abeer says yes I want you too, I have paid special price for you and I need your special performance. Neerja says okay I will after you have paid or else you will accuse me of being a free loader. Abeer plays the music. Neerja begins her performance and Abeer starts drinking. Abeer breaks the bottle in Neerja’s feet and makes her dance on it. Abeer faints. Neerja thinks about beautiful memories with Abeer and says Abeer is worst than Didun, he made Sonagachi as my character and threw it on my face. Neerja faints too.
Next day Neerja wakes up and wakes up Abeer and says its morning and boys who belong to good house should be in their own room and not in a room at Sonagachi and anyways you said right, Sonagachi is a very filthy face and you spent a whole night with a girl here. Abeer says I didn’t even touch you. Neerja laughs and says when you will step out who will believe that nothing happened between us and you very well know Sonagachi ruins your life, how will you get rid of this dirt now and so now congratulations as from now on we both are equally onto this dirt.

Pre cap: Moushmi slaps Abeer and says you won’t return until you get rid of the Sonagachi dirt and pours water on him outside the house. Abeer apologizes to Moushmi and says he went there because he wanted some answers from Neerja and now he will never meet her.

Neerja meets Protima and says I amy be alone now but I won’t give up. I will fight.

Update Credit to: Tanaya


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