Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 13th October 2023 Written Episode Update

Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 13th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Shakuntala asking Kabir to become Kesar’s supporter and make her win Mahabharat. Kabir says you are right. Kesar calls him and asks why you spoke between them. Kabir says we can’t stop Darshan’s training, and tells that you had only said that Darshan is learning to hold and control his mind. Kesar says you are saying right and says he was getting better with training. She end the call and thinks why did it happen yesterday. Darshan hugs Kesar and asks where was you? Kesar says I was here and asks if you will tell me, why you pushed Riddhi. Darshan says even you are blaming me. Kesar says I can never blame my friend and asks why did you push Riddhi. Darshan says 8 steps. Ansh comes there and asks Kesar to stay away from Darshan. Riddhi comes and says I got hurt because of you. Jayati and Jinal come to Suraj. Jayati says it is a limit, I couldn’t understand why Ambika Bhabhi chose Kesar and not you. She tells him that kesar is separating him from his mother and is building a wall between them. She asks him to repent later that he didn’t think about her words. Jinal says Kesar has tied Ambika bhabhi with the blind fold. She says Bhabhi is supporting Kesar, when she is starting straight against him. She also instigates Suraj.

Hetal thinks Baa asked her to go and she is weighing ghati/snacks here. She gets Jinal’s call and asks what Suraj said. She gets hopeful. The money lenders come there. Hetal pays them loan amount. The money lenders go. Hetal says once she reaches Raj Gaur house, nobody can insult her, not these men or Raj Gaur family members.

Kabir finds Kesar in his house and asks her, what she is doing here? He asks if she got ready for Darshan’s training. She hits on his face. Kabir sees his friend on Kesar’s place. They tease him. Kabir says I was thinking how to fulfill Kesar’s dreams. He says she gets blamed for everything, and don’t know what Suraj will do.

Suraj thinks of Jinal and jayati’s words. Kesar comes to the dance floor and recalls Darshan’s words. Ambika recalls her swear and asks Ambe Maa to bless Kesar. Suraj comes to Ambika.

He says I want to tell you something. Ambika asks him to say. Kesar thinks and counts the steps, when someone pushes her.

Suraj tells Ambika that day with his Papa’s pyre, not just he died, but a big part died. He says he was small, but didn’t let his spirit die, as she was with him and this trust used to make him believe on this, even in London. Ambika says I am with you even now. Suraj says you are going far from me. Ambika gets teary eyes. Kabir asks Kesar if she is hurt? Kesar asks what you are doing here? Kabir says I was worried so came, and says I came at the right time, else….He shows her nail on the dance floor. Kesar walks towards there counting 8 steps, and thanks him. She goes. Suraj tells Ambika that she is his everything, just like God is on the sky, she is here for him on the earth. He says if someone tries to snatch my everything then I will not bear. Kesar asks Ambika and Suraj to come out.

Hetal buys necklace worth 16 lakhs. Jinesh gets worried, thinking how they will pay. Hetal says they will have money now. Jinal calls Hetal. Hetal says she will come. Pareen tells Hetal that this girl has made the house as cinema house. Jayati asks why did Kabir come here? Kabir says he came as his trainer. Suraj asks what is this? Kesar says we will see the truth. Ansh asks why we shall see everything from your sight. Kesar shows the video on the projector, and says Darshan was triggered, but he tried to dance and calm down himself. She asks Kabir to play. They see Riddhi coming to Darshan and he pushes her when she is about to keep her foot on the nail. Kesar tells that Darshan wanted to save Riddhi from this nail, if he had not pushed Riddhi then? Jinal shouts Riddhi.

Hetal comes there and tells that she came to return the utensil. Kesar tells Darshan to tell the truth and asks him to say, why he pushed Riddhi. Darshan says he pushed her as she was about to keep her foot on the nail and then she would have bled, and then everything will be red. He gets triggered, but gets calm down. Jayati gets happy. Hetal gets upset. Kesar tells that he is not weak, but smart.

Precap: Suraj tells Kesar that he shouldn’t have raised question on the trust, and says now I know the truth. He confronts Hetal and says whenever you come here, you think how to divide the family. He requests her never to come there again, and says Raj Gaur doors will never open for you. He asks her to leave.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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