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Keh Doon Tumhein 13th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Vikrant fools Kirti

Keh Doon Tumhein 13th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vikrant asking why didn’t you come inside, did you get scared that I will kill you if you come inside. Kirti asks how did this come on your neck. He turns and goes inside. She saves police number on speed dial and goes inside. She asks him to please say how did it get this mark on his neck. She says answer me, else I will be sure that these marks are made by my nails and you are the culprit. He shows a cat’s pic to her and lies about saving the cat. He says I took the cat to the animal shelter, she was scared and scratched my neck. He shows more marks on his body. He says you tell me if you had scratched that man on his shoulder and arm also, there is animal shelter number, you can call and ask them. He recalls making the wounds on his body by using a fork. Kirti cries and says I m sorry, don’t know what was I thinking. He asks her to sit.

He gives her a glass of water. She says how did I forget that you always helped me and took care of Puru, I will go and apologize to everyone, what can I do for you. He says yes, stop this investigation, I m saying this because I care for you, we don’t know how dangerous can that man become, if anything happens to you, what will happen to Puru, family and me, why, its not a crime to worry for a friend. Kirti says its not possible for me now, I told you before, I have come too far, I can’t go back, that killer will be caught soon, I got a clue. He asks what clue. She says I have seen the ambulance van number, I will reach that ambulance and then that killer. He thinks why are you doing this, I have to stop you my way. She says I informed Jadhav also, sorry. She asks him to watch the news. She says we are close to catch that killer. She leaves. He worries.

Jadhav asks Garud to find the ambulance, else they will get fired. Garud goes. Bittu sits drinking. Vikrant comes to meet him. Bittu sees the news and says we got famous. He scolds Bittu and hurts him. Bittu apologizes. Vikrant asks Kirti not to test his love. Its morning, Kirti asks Jadhav to find out the ambulance. Garud gets the ambulance. He says I didn’t find any proof in it. Jadhav says Bittu’s partner is very clever, but I m also his dad in smartness, I will find him, don’t worry. She says find him.

She says very soon, I will reach him. She comes home. Madhuri and Dadi ask Kirti why didn’t she go to work. Madhuri says you accused Vikrant, you went to the police station, I know, how will life go on in this way, if anything happens to you then what will I answer my brother. Kirti says nothing will happen. Dadi says you think about Puru, if anything happens to him, can you forgive yourself. Kirti says I will take care and protect Puru, I promise, I will go and pick him from school. She goes.

She gets a threatening call about Puru. She worries. She calls Shreyas and asks did you pick up Puru. He says sorry, the scooter broke down, I was going to call you. She says reach the school quickly and be with Puru if you get him. She rushes to the school. She looks for Puru. Puru is locked somewhere. She asks the watchman. He says there is no kid inside, I think he went with some friend. She sits crying. Puru cries. She finds Puru’s id card there. She runs to find Puru.

Kirti looks for Puru. She talks to the blackmailer. Puru goes towards the water tank and falls inside. He shouts mumma.

Update Credit to: Amena


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