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Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 13th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Vandu’s first day in Sasural

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 13th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vandu missing the family. Vijay sees Hemant and Anagha doing the work. He imagines Vandu getting tea for him and smiles. He sees Anagha. She says Vandu called me and told me about your tea. He says she didn’t forget about my tea time. He blesses Vandu. Vandu sees the alta washed off from her hand. She says where is Vaibhav. Mrunal asks Vaibhav not to break the promise to her. He says I didn’t enter the house with Vandu. She says you will go and have your wedding night. He says I m here with you. Vandu comes to Vaibhav’s room and says this is my house now, he has no time to decorate the room and surprise me, I will decorate the room and surprise him. She cleans the room. Vaibhav drinks water. Mrunal switches on his phone. He gets Vandu’s call. She asks shall I talk. He says no, disconnect it. She says talk to her. He takes the call.

She asks where are you. He says work, I m busy. She says come home soon, its my first day here. He says I got much work, I can’t come, try to understand. She says okay, finish it soon and come soon. He ends call. Mrunal says you can go, I didn’t stop you. Kunal is distracted. Bobby looks on. He says your focus is somewhere else, you have tension, you are thinking of Vandu. Kunal says I tried hard to help her, she didn’t listen, its her wish. He asks for the file. Bobby says Vandu kept it, I will call her. Kunal says don’t disturb her, she would be busy in rituals. Savita asks Vandu to make hot rotis and veg curries. She tells many things to make. Vandu says yes, I will make everything, don’t worry, I m there. Savita says yes, you make good food, make some sheera also. Vandu says yes, it will be the shagun’s sweets for my first rasoi. Savita goes. Vandu says maybe she went to attend guests. Bobby says I will call Vandu. Kunal says no, she could be busy. He gets Vandu’s call. Bobby says she knows about the meeting. Vandu tells Kunal about the file. Kunal thanks her. He says she is in the kitchen on the first day. She says Vaibhav would be tired, he will get fine when he eats the sheera. Mrunal orders a pizza. Vandu makes the food.

Savita and Anjali come. They take the food. Savita asks Vandu to stay inside. Vinay says Vandu made the food. Savita says people will say we are making our bahu do the work on the first day, sit quiet. Vandu comes and greets the guests. Savita acts in front of the guests. Vandu looks on. The guests ask about Vaibhav. Savita says he has gone for some work, he is fulfilling his needs. The lady asks her to call her bahu. She says I heard she sings well. Savita says she sings really well. She asks Anjali to call Vandu. Anjali gets Vandu. Savita asks Vandu to sing a nice song for the guests. Vandu meets the guests. The lady says Vandu is very pretty. Vandu sings Jhoom utha… Everyone claps. The lady praises Vandu’s singing. Savita asks Vandu to go and get sheera for everyone. Vandu smiles and goes. She smiles.

Vaibhav says I can’t plan my life as Vandu wants. Vandu hears him and asks what. Kunal sees Sonia’s pic and says I hate you. Someone looks at him.

Update Credit to: Amena


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