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Anupama 13th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Vanraj And Anupama Stand Strong For Justice

Anupama 13th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Vanraj tells that Suresh that his son’s life is not cheap, that he can be bought it with the cheap plastic cards. He kicks it. Anupama tells that they will be someone else, who gets sold. Suresh says middleclass people like you gets sold for 2 paise. Anupama asks him to try to buy them and says you are here, and even we are here. Vanraj tells that they don’t raise hand on the guests and that’s why letting him go, else your guards can also not save you and your son. Suresh tells that he has come to make them understand, now he will use other ways, as when he used to go for buying land, he uses all means of saam daam dand bhed and buy it. He says like wise, he will buy their self esteem also. He says one son left, but the family is still here. Babu ji says yes, we are here, but as their strength. They all stand united with Anupama and Vanraj. Anupama asks them to use all means, but he can’t stand infront of these parents. She tells Sonu that they will get him punished anyway. Suresh feels insulted and goes in his car with his guards.

Pakhi receives a parcel and opens it. She sees her photo with Toshu and Samar and cries. Adhik asks what happened? Pakhi tells that she told Samar that she want their photo to be framed, and he knew that she likes surprises so he got it framed. Romil pacifies Pakhi and says I can’t take Samar’s place, but I am your brother too. He says he will try to make sure that she doesn’t miss Samar.

Pakhi thanks Adhik and Romil and says I wish that guy gets punished. Anuj says he will be punished. Pakhi says she don’t want to talk to him or see his face. Adhik asks why you are blaming him. Pakhi says my son lost his life. Adhik says it was an accident. Pakhi says which happened due to him and goes. Romil goes behind her. Adhik apologizes to Anuj on Pakhi’s behalf. Anuj says I am responsible for it and asks if everything was fine in Shah house. Adhik says Sonu and her father had come to Shah house to buy and threatened them. Anuj tells that Anupama will not be scared, but the fight will be long.

Inspector tells Vanraj and Anupama that they had to leave Sonu, as there were no proofs against him. Vanraj asks what do you mean? He says we all were eye witnesses and asks if our testimony is not enough. Anupama says today they had come to our house to threaten us. Inspector says Sonu’s father has hired best defense lawyer and tells that they want concrete proofs. Vanraj asks him to get CCTV footage. Inspector tells that the bullet was shot outside parking lot, and there was no camera there, and other cameras were not working. Anupama says there might be other eye witness too. The Inspector tells that they are doing their work and taking personal interest as he knows Anuj. He tells that nobody is willing to give statement. He says Sonu has disposed or hidden the gun, and tells that if they get the gun then something can be done. Vanraj and Anupama apologize to him. Inspector says he will work fully in the case. Anupama and Vanraj that they will go against the system for their justice. Kavya is in the auto and thinks thank god reports are fine, V will get upset that I went alone, but what to do Toshu was busy with Pari. Vanraj tells Anupama that the fight is going to be difficult. The auto drivers changes the way. Kavya tries to call Vanraj, but the auto drivers make the phone fall down as he drives rashly. Kavya asks him to drive slow and asks him to stop the auto. She asks him to take money or jewellery, but let her go. The auto driver asks her to ask her husband to withdraw the case against Sonu, and tells that her husband can’t see other son. He pushes her. Kavya falls down from the auto and shouts my baby.

Anuj waits for Anupama. Anupama comes there. Anuj asks her about the case. Anupama tells that she will send that guy to jail and tells that she is not Samar’s mother if she don’t get him justice. Anuj says I am with you. Anupama says this is a mother’s fight and I will fight it till my last breath. Anupama looks at Samar’s photo and wipes her tears. She says she will not cry. She says your mother is not weak, I will fight to get you justice till my last breath, and will not cry. Anuj brings food for her.

Precap: Toshu tells Vanraj that he will not give statement. Pakhi tells that Adhik and I have decided that he will not give statement. Vanraj claps and says that Toshu and you both have proved that when someone dies, the blood becomes water.

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Wedding Guest Style: Deepika Padukone, Katrina Kaif

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