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The birds chirping sound is heard..it’s a bright morning..

Singhania’s are seen praying together..

As usual akshara cries before the lord..

Akshara prays: i know my daughter is alive..i know she isn’t dead. It’s been 23 years..but I won’t give up my prayers for her because I am sure she is alive.

Akshara recalls the day where she lost naira..


Akshara goes into labour and naitik admits her in hospital and soon akshara delivers a baby girl and singhanias get happy and they enjoy with baby..

Naitik naksh and akshara spend time with baby girl in hospital..

Naksh:muma..papa..i decided a name for my sister. Promise me that you will call her only with that name.

Naitik and akshara gets suprised and smiles..

Naitik:i know my son is matured enough to decide everything perfectly. Iam sure you would have selected a good name for your sister..so tell us..we will call by that name.

Naksh: like you kept my name as naksh by combining your both name.. Even en my sister will be having your both name. She is akshara + naitik= naira..

Akshara and naitik gets suprised and gets happy and they hug  naksh..

Akshara: iam proud of my son..he selected the best name.

Naitik:yes..from now..we will call our baby as naira.

They all play with naira..

Akshara smiles and she takes a pendant chain and hangs it on baby’s neck and smiles..

Akshara: this pendant is special..this pendant is unique which naitik gifted me. Our symbol carved inside this diamond pendant..naitik’s company made this unique design for our anniversary. Iam hanging it on you as you are more special than this..

She places the sleeping naira in cradle and sleeps..

After some hours akshara wakes up and sees naitik crying holding a baby and gets shocked..

Akshara: naitik.. what happened? Why are you crying holding naira?

Naitik: because our naira is dead akshara.

Akshara gets shocked..

Akshara: what are you blabbering? Are you out of senses?

Naitik shows the baby to akshara and Akshara gets shocked seeing baby’s face covered with red patches..

Naitik:see.. doctor told her face got swallowed with infections and she died out of it. I came just some time before after visiting house and got shocked seeing naira unconscious..then I took her to doctor without waking you up as you was sleeping peacefully after long time but doctor told that baby died.

Akshara gets shocked and screams..

Akshara cries:no..my naira can’t die..

Suddenly she notices the pendant missing in her neck..

Akshara:naitik..no..our naira dint die. Maybe this is some other baby. We aren’t able to see her face due to infection and also she is not having the pendant..

Naitik:akshara..i know it’s hard to accept truth but..we should accept it.

Akshara:no..iam sure this is not naira. I had worn naira with pendant on her neck. If it’s naira..then how come it’s missing?

Naitik and a nurse who was nearby gets shocked and the nurse Leela stumbles but she manages herself..

Naitik: it’s baby akshara. Maybe it would have fallen down as her neck is just small..

Akshara:iam a mother naitik. I can hear my baby’s heart..iam sure this is not naira.

Nurse Leela sees this and gets nervous..

Nurse Leela:ma..mam..this is your baby only. I was checking on you repeatedly when you were sleeping as your husband went to home to get some important items. How come some other baby will come here without my knowledge?

Akshara:no one can understand a mother’s power. I know this is not my naira..

She screams and cries and suddenly she faints and naitik takes her home..


Akshara : everyone doesn’t believe me. But iam sure.. that baby was not naira. My naira will be alive somewhere..god please make her meet me. I am praying continuously for 23 years..you have to answer my prayer one day.

Once everyone finishes prayer they all distribute prasad to everyone..

Naksh : or day started with prayed as usual. Now mishti..go and get ready for your school.

Mishti: bhaiyuuu..you never leave me in peace even while eating prasad.

Naksh: iam just warning you. If i dint warn you..you will cheat by wasting time and cut the school as usual..

Prerna:naksh bhai..stop it. You talk as if only mishti does this. Even you used to go and play cricket cutting the school in childhood. You just shared this secret with me..

Everyone stares him while naksh feels embarassed and mishti laughs out loud..

Mishti: like brother like sister. I think I got a gene from you..haha. same pinch..

Everyone laughs…

Naksh:prerna..i won’t spare you today.

Naksh chases prerna and they have a cute brother sister fight..

Karishma: these bother sister is impossible. They fight a lot..

Aksharan: let them fight..once they find their lover..then they won’t have time to fight with siblings.

Karishma: you are right.


A girl is seen standing near the ganga river in rishikesh and she smiles seeing the pendant(same pendant which akshara made the baby wear) she wears on the neck..

Girl in mind: this pendant is a lucky charm for me. Iam wearing it since childhood. Pragya maa says that I am wearing since I was baby. But still I don’t understand why the symbol is carved as NA.. my parents symbol is AP (abhi pragya). Anyways..but I love it. I have special connection with this..

Some other girl comes and calls her..

Girl: hey Tina di.. what you are still doing near river? Come lets go back to home..

Tina turns and sees her and smiles..

Tina:yes..iam coming prachi.

Tina and prachi walks on road towards their home..

Prachi: everyday you pray near ganga. Iam sure you will find boyfriend soon..

Tina : haha..it’s not easy for guys to make me their gf. Iam not a normal girl..iam a stormy wind. My bf will be one who can manage me..iam sure there will be no such guys.

Prachi laughs..

Prachi:you are right. The whole rishikesh is scared of you. Even the goons run away seeing you. I will give  Nobel prize to the guy  who proposes you..

Tina: lets see who have guts to propose me and who have guts to make me fall for him..

Prachi: maybe you will find one in udaipur. Once Anurag bhai comes from London today..we are shifting to udaipur tomorrow. Maybe you will find your life partner there.

Tina: you are going to join in udaipur college. So you may also find your bf in college. Nowadays college lovestory is hit in real life too..

Prachi smiles..

Prachi: don’t tease me..I don’t have interest to fall in love. I’ll just focus on my studies..

Tina: don’t be overconfident..there maybe a guy who will change your thinking and may make you fall head over heels with him.

Prachi:i can say same to you too. You are strong and bold hearted girl who chases every men’s away. But there will be a guy who will make your heart soft like candy and make you fall for him.

Tina: Impossible. No one dare to change Tina.

Prachi:lets see..

Tina: lets see even for you..

They both smile and walk..


Kartik and Ranbir are walking on road in rishikesh..

Ranbir:bhai..i heared whoever prays near ganga river..their wishes gets fulfilled. Why don’t you pray that you find your gf soon..you should pray that someone who can handle you should be your gf. It’s impossible to handle you..

Kartik: Yes..iam impossible. My expectations is also impossible..my gf will be a girl who looks different in my eyes.

Ranbir laughs..

Ranbir:why don’t you marry a tigress in forest?

Kartik beats him for fun..

Kartik: you never leave a time to tease me. Wait..you will get a gf who is so traditional and cultured girl.

Ranbir: bhai… don’t curse me. I can’t live peacefully if i get such gf..first of all i won’t fall for such girl. I will fall in love only with modern and stylish girl..

Kartik:lets see who you fall.. traditional or modern..

Ranbir: even lets see for you too..

They both smile and walk..

Suddenly they come across tina and Prachi and Tina hits kartik and was about to fall but kartik holds her and they both meets with an eyelock..

They both come out of eyelock and they move away..

Kartik:you girls should be rewarded for slipping always.

Tina:ohh hello..you guys should be rewarded for always trying to impress girls by holding them in the name of saving.

Kartik:are you an idiot? If i dint hold you..you would have fallen down. You should be thankful that i saved you.

Tina: why should I be thankful? I dint ask you to save me..even if i fall..iam not going to die or go into coma. Better mind your business instead of using these chances to impress girls.

Kartik gets angry while Ranbir and prachi looks on..

Kartik: girls like you are heartless..whoever proposes you are great fools in this universe.

Tina: shut up. If a girl proposes you..then iam sure she is half mad..

Ranbir comes to prachi and..

Ranbir:excuse me..why don’t you stop that girl from fighting? I guess she maybe your friend or sister..

Prachi: even you can do that to your friend or brother..

Ranbir:my brother is impossible. If i go in between then he will tear me also..

Prachi:even my sister is such. She will fight till the opponent runs away from her..if i go in between then I am gone.

Ranbir: i think our fate is same..to look and watch our siblings fight. Why don’t we get popcorn from nearby shop and enjoy this movie..

Prachi laughs..

Prachi:yeah..i think this movie will not end sooner..

Kartik: how dare you comment on my life? I wish I never see your face again..

Tina:i commented because you commented on my life. I also wish i will never see your face again. Goodbye..get lost.

Kartik:even you too.

They both turn away and walks in opposite sides of each other while Ranbir and prachi makes a weird face..

Ranbir:i think this movie is flop..that’s why it got over.

Prachi: yes..i think now we should go and cool down these weird siblings.

Ranbir:yeah.. anyways nice Meeting you. Your so soft and cool unlike your sister.

Prachi:even you are nice. Iam prachi mehra..

Ranbir:iam Ranbir Kohli..

They both smile and shake hands..

Ranbir: we will meet again if destiny wants. Now iam leaving.. bye.


They both go to respective siblings..

Prachi:hey Tina di..why are you so rude? He just saved you from falling..

Tina: you are so innocent..you don’t know about guys. They think they can become hero for us and capture our heart..but I am not other girls to be unaware of it and get mesmerized on their hold. I was aware..so i gave a befitting reply to him.

Prachi: I don’t think he is such guy..he looks so good.

Tina: don’t be a fool prachi. Guys can take advantage using their good looks..

Prachi: you know one thing..you used to make guys run away from you but this guy turned away himself. I think he will be your bf as he is different.

Tina: what? No chance..I’ll better Marry a donkey instead of him. Anyways..i heared your talk with other guy. Seems like you are liking him..

Prachi: hey..no..he is that guys brother. We both were just discussing about your both fight.. that’s it. Don’t use that to tease me..

Tina:if you do so..even I’ll do..so be careful of me.

Tina laughs and they go talking with each other..


Ranbir teases kartik..

Ranbir: every girls used to get mesmerized seeing you and you used to ignore them..but this girl is different. She started accusing you..iam sure she is your gf.

Kartik: shut up..I can keep monkey as gf instead of that stupid girl. I will never see her face again..

Ranbir: what if fate brings you both to meet again?

Kartik:no chance.. she belongs to rishikesh. And we belong to udaipur..we just came to get ganga water as our dadi always keeps Puja with ganga water.

Ranbir: what..if she comes to udaipur?

Kartik stares him..

Kartik: stop your nonsense. You are running behind her..there were many girls who were after me but you never teased me with them but you are teasing me with this stupid girl.

Ranbir jokes: because she is different like you. She is weird and you are weird..so if you both get together then you both will become weirdo.. what a combo!!

Kartik stares him and pulls his ears while Ranbir screams..

Kartik: i won’t leave you today for sure. I think you have fallen for that girl who you were talking to while i was fighting.

Ranbir: hey..she is not my type. She is nice but not modern..she is so old type. How can you ever think me for her?

Kartik: Like you think me for that stupid girl..

Ranbir:acha..you won. I won’t tease you hereafter but please don’t tease me with any traditional type girls.

Kartik:that’s my brother.. fine let’s go. We have to reach udaipur soon.?

Ranbir: tomorrow is akshara aunty and naitik uncles anniversary. We will buy gift here and go..

Kartik:nice idea..lets go.

They both go and buy a gift and they start their journey to udaipur..

A handsome guy walks out of airport and sees rishikesh and smiles wearing sunglasses..

Guy in mind: i was in cool climate in London..but this city is hot but however.. i like my native county only. This is my country and my city Rishikesh..

He goes to his house and rings the bell and pragya and abhi opens the door and gets happy seeing him..

Pragya abhi: anurag!!

 They hig him..

Pragya: how are you my dear?

Anurag: iam fine maa..how are you both?

Abhi: we are fine too.. finally you came to settle in India.

Anurag: yes..for how long will I work there leaving my family here? So i opened my company in udaipur.

Pragya: so we will be leaving tomorrow to udaipur..

Abhi: yes..even prachi’s admission in udaipur college got approved. And Tina have applied for interview in Goenkas company through online in udaipur.

Anurag: that’s good. So we will be starting our new life in udaipur..

Pragya: yes.. today is the last day in rishikesh.

Anurag: where are my sister’s? I need to roam around the city with them before leaving this city..

Abhi : they went to ganga river..they will be back sooner..

Prachi and Tina reaches there and screams..

Prachi Tina: we are back..is someone missing us?

Anurag gets happy seeing them and even Tina and prachi gets happy and they three hug..

Prachi:bhai.. we were missing you so much..iam so happy that you returned.

Anurag: even I was missing you both terribly. Finally iam happy to see you both..

Tina: if you leave us again and go to London then i will leave you nd go to Japan.

They all laugh..

Anurag: there is no need for it as i won’t return hereafter. Now let’s enjoy our farewell in rishikesh.

Prachi: yeah..

They three go and enjoy..



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