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Suhaagan 12th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Bindiya reveals to Dadi about Payal’s conspiracy

Suhaagan 12th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Bindiya silently going with the Police. Payal thinks Krish might melt down with Bindiya staying silent and didn’t tell anything to Police. She says she might be scared seeing Police and might have thought that we will tell Police about our accident. Krish says you are right, she might have remembered her sin seeing Police, else Bindiya will not accept defeat easily. Indu says she got worried. Krish says that trouble went from our homes, everything will be fine now. Dadi asks Phoolwati to give her bucket. Phoolwati brings the bucket. Just then the Police car comes there. Baldev returns home in his car. Phoolwati and dadi gets shocked seeing Bindiya getting down the Police car.

Nidhi asks Indu if she can go out for somework. Baldev sees her and says you are here. Indu gets worried and asks how did you come so soon. Baldev says his work finished so he came. He asks when Nidhi came and asks if everything is fine. Nidhi says yes, I have come yesterday, but here Bind…Indu stops her and says it is good that you came. Baldev asks about Bindiya. Krish says Papa….Indu says Bindiya is at the place where she shall be. The Inspector tells Dadi that Bindiya shall not go to Shukla house or family, else he will arrest her. Phoolwati asks why Police came to drop you. Dadi asks where is your mangalsutra? Bindiya hugs Dadi and cries. Baldev asks why nobody is saying anything? Indu says Bindiya was not suitable for here, so she was thrown out. Bindiya cries badly. Rose gives water to her. Indu tells Baldev that Bindiya tried to kill Krish. Baldev doesn’t believe her. Bindiya tells Dadi that Payal has backstabbed her. Phoolwati says Payal is worst than witch. Bindiya tells her about Rudra and tells that she came here so that no trouble comes on Krishna ji. She tells that Payal is betraying even Krishna ji. Phoolwati asks Dadi to see that Payal is worst than her. Dadi asks what happened to Damad ji, he broke your mangalsutra and tells that he couldn’t differentiate between gold and copper.

Krish tells Baldev that Bindiya has attacked them and shows Payal’s injury. He asks him to see car in the garage. Baldev says surely there is some misunderstanding. Indu says all misunderstanding is cleared. She asks him to hear her decision and says choti bahu will be Payal and not Bindiya.

Bindiya says it is not Krishna ji’s mistake and tells that Payal has laid such a trap for him. Dadi asks him not to return there else she will see her dead face. Bindiya stops Dadi. She tells that it was her mistake to give her freedom. She tells Dadi that Payal changes color like chameleon and nobody doubts her. Baldev tells that he will never accept that Bindiya can try to kill anyone, as she can risk her life to save people. He says you have never accepted Bindiya, and I will never accept Payal. He says my choti bahu will be Bindiya always. He calls her, but her phone is off, as Payal had thrown her phone in hot kheer. Baldev prays for Bindiya.

Bindiya tells Dadi that mangalsutra has broken, but not relation. She says she will not break, but will expose Pallu infront of everyone. Dadi asks how you will do this alone? Bindiya ties mangalsutra beads in her pallu again and tells that she will expose Pallu. Dadi asks how you will do it again.

The Servant tells Sakshi that Payal has shifted in Krish’s room. Sakshi says they are married now. The Servant tells that filling sindoor is childishness and not marriage, and whoever stays together like this in our locality, people blackens their faces. Indu scolds the Servant and Sakshi and warns them. Baldev tells Indu that they are not married. He asks how many mouths she will close. He says they are staying together without marriage. He asks if Servants will stay silent outside. Indu asks what to do? He asks her to think. Indu asks him to stop. Baldev smiles. Indu calls everyone and tells that the house’s respect and prestige matters a lot, and today she is taking decision for it. Bindiya tells Dadi and others to support her, as time has come to end Payal’s conspiracy. Indu tells that she don’t want Payal and Krish to stay in the same room, and don’t want them to wait for start their married life, so I have decided that they will get married with all the rituals. Baldev gets shocked. Krish and Payal get happy.

Precap: Bindiya comes to Krish’s room and takes their wedding album. Payal sees Bindiya and tells Krishna.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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