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Suhaagan 10th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Krish humiliates and ousted Bindiya from the house

Suhaagan 10th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Bindiya asking Indu, Nidhi, Sakshi and Vikram if they think that she is lying and making stories. She tells that how she can think to kill her sister and husband, and says I am not lying, Payal has done this. Payal says nobody’s heart will melt with your drama, when you can make Papa lie then you can do anything. She says infact, I am sure now that your sindoor is just showoff so that you can use it as weapon and can’t go off. She says today I will wipe your sindoor. She goes near her to wipe her sindoor, but Bindiya stops her.

She holds her hand and slaps her hard. Payal falls on Krish. Krish holds her. Bindiya says don’t touch my sindoor and says I wish I would have slapped you in childhood itself and says due to his echo you might not have stoop now. Krish shouts Bindiya and says don’t forget that even he knows to slap, but due to his house values, he can’t do it. He says he has other way and holds her hand to throw her out. Bindiya says Pallu is not right girl for you. Krish asks her to be thankful and says I didn’t get you arrested for attempt to murder. He throws her out, while Payal goes to the room. She excitedly dances in the room and packs Bindiya’s suitcase. She takes her sindoor bottle and recalls her words. She throws bindiya’s sindoor on the ground. She then looks at her parents’ photoframe. She picks it too and keeps it in Bindiya’s suitcase.

Bindiya recalls her moments with Krish. She cries. Payal comes to the balcony and throws Bindiya’s suitcase on the ground. She acts to feel pity on her and smiles, then signs her to leave. Bindiya takes the suitcase and is about to leave. Payal goes inside. She recalls Payal telling that her target is to throw her out of the house. She recalls Rudra’s words that Krish needs her. She thinks I wont let my Krishna ji became a victim of Payal’s betrayal. She comes back and knocks on the door and windows asking Krish to open the door, and says Pallu is doing a big conspiracy. Payal asks Krish to come and tells that she is very scared. Vikram asks Guard to throw her out. The guard asks Bindiya to go. Payal acts and tells Krish that she is very scared of Bindiya. Krish says I am with you, so Bindiya shall be scared.

The guard requests Bindiya to leave. Krish gets fooled by Payal and comes out of house angrily with her. Bindiya tells that she is his suhaagan and asks him not to forget this, and hear her once. He says you are not my suhaagan and says my suhaagan is the one, whose hand, I am holding. He says I will free you from this relation. He breaks her mangalsutra and throws the pearls on the ground. Everyone just looks on without any reaction. He then holds Payal’s hand and goes inside the house. Payal looks at her and smiles. Krish locks the door. Bindiya sits in shock.

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