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Parineeti 12th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Pari plans Pami’s birthday

Parineeti 12th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Tao ji says to Pari after so long you look fresh. She says sorry everyone was worried because of me. Tao ji says we were all worried for you. Pari says I am glad to have a family like this. Pari says we should celebrate Tai ji’s birthday tomorrow. Gurinder says we have always celebrated it, it’s nothing special that you’re doing. Pami says she just wants to do an effort. Pari says I want all of us to be happy on her birthday. Daljit says I like Pari’s idea. We should do grand celebration. Pari says you should help me as well in preparations. Daljit says everything is so classy in this house. And Sanju lives here like this is his house.

Sanju says to Neeti I wanted to talk to you. Neeti ignores him and goes to restroom. Sanju says Neeti please listen. Daljit sees blanket on the couch. Sanju says come in. He says I kept these sheets for laundry on the couch. Neeti comes as well. Sanju says let’s go have breakfast. Chandrika and Amit come for breakfast. Chandrika and Amit are upset at each other. Amit says my friend called. Chandrika created such a big drama. Chandrikaa says don’t talk to me. Gurinder says don’t act like kids. Pari serves everyone breakfast. Tao ji says I’ve to go. He leaves. Neeti comes and sees Pari serving Sanju. Daljti says come sit Neeti. Daljit says Chandrika bhabhi such good food. Chandrika says Pari made it all. He says wow Pari you cook so well. Why don’t you cook for mummy’s birthday? Pami says you don’t worry. Pari will handle. Chandrika Pari and Neeti will handle. Neeti is the DIL of this house. Neeti cooks well too. Pari says you’re right. Neeti cooks so well. She asks Neeti will you help me in preparation of Tai ji’s birthday? Neeti says no. Rather you help me in celebrating my MIL’s birthday. Pari says thank you. At least you spoke to me.

Scene 2
Neeti comes to store room. She coughs. Pari says you stay here. I will get the things. Neeti ignores her. Pari says I am sorry. I shouldn’t have spoken between you and Sanju. Neeti says whole family was there and everyone was speaking. But I didn’t stop anyone but you. Pari says it wont’ happen. Pari says thank you for letting me take part in the preparations. For two days, let’s just forget the anger and make it special for her? Neeti says okay but only for 2 days.

Sanju invites people. Neeti and Pari come there. Sanju looks at both of them. Neeti falls. Sanju saved her. Sanju asks are you okay Neeti? She says thank God you remember my name. He says I am sorry. Please don’t be so rude. She says I am not okay and you better let it go. Pari faints in the living room. Gurinder asks Babli to take her to the hospital. Chandirka says I will also go. Pari says no you stay here. I will be fine. Gurinder says get tests done. Pari and Babli leave.

Scene 3
Shamu and his gf fight. He says police is after me so I’ve to go somewhere. She says hide in Pari’s house. That’d be the best place. Pami comes. Chandrika tells her Pari wasn’t well. So she went to the clinic. Gurinder says Babli went with her. Sanju hears this and says I am coming in a bit. Sanju calls Pari. Babli picks. He asks where are you? She tells the hospital.

Shamu says it’s a good idea. Shilpa says ask Neeti. She might help you. You can hide in the servant quarter. HE calls Neeti. Neeti says what do you want? He says police caught me. Neeti says what? He says not now but they can. She assks what do you want? He says I have to hide somewhere. Can I hide in your house?

Episode ends

Precap-Daljit says to Neeti this means Sanju got married to you but he has some feelings for Pari. Pari falls on Sanju. Chnadrika asks Pari don’t you love Rajiv? she says I love Rajiv since the first day I saw him. Neeti says to Sanju if you wanna leave this hand later then better leave it right now.

Update Credit to: Atiba


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