Meet 12th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Raunak tries to manipulate Shlok.

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Sumeet says to Inspector we know who send my husband to Pakistan. Inspector replies the complaint is already lodged and we have taken the action. Sumeet wounders who lodged the complaint and they see Shagun being held by female constable. Shlok says to Sumeet, looks like police have arrested Shagun. However, Shagun walks to them and hugs them in excitement. Shagun praises Sumeet for rescuing her husband and bringing him back from Pakistan. She expresses gratitude to the inspector for arresting the right person. Shlok tells her to stop the act, knowing that he ended up in Pakistan because of her. Shagun tries to manipulate a driver into giving false testimony against her, warning him that she will harm his family if he testifies against her. The frightened driver takes the blame on himself and gets arrested. Sumeet comforts Shlok and urges him to leave.

Shagun attempts to mock Sumeet, but she responds firmly. Sumeet shares that their love grew stronger in Pakistan, and they plan to remarry. Raunak meets Shlok and tries to provoke him, calling him weak. Shlok playfully teases Raunak and calls him “Tommy,” implying he hides behind his mother’s saree. Raunak questions Shlok about the expensive gifts he has given Sumeet. Sumeet tells Shagun that Shlok is destined for great success.

Raunak mocks Shlok for remarrying Sumeet, insinuating that he hasn’t given her valuable gifts. However, Sumeet asserts that Shlok is the most precious gift she could ever ask for. Shlok inquires about what Shagun told Sumeet, and she advises him to ignore her and slap her once he becomes a famous singer. Shlok informs Sumeet that he has booked a cab for her since his bike isn’t working. He recalls Raunak’s words about not providing Sumeet with proper amenities and Sumeet’s worries about sending his audio to a music producer. Shlok assures her that he will send his recording to the producer when they return home, encouraging her not to worry.

Shagun instructs Raunak to keep an eye on Shlok and undermine his confidence to erode Sumeet’s pride. When Shlok pays the cab driver, he realizes that his wallet doesn’t contain any cash. The driver mocks him for being poor, which makes Shlok angry as he recalls Raunak’s taunts. Upon entering the house, Sumeet and Shlok discover the family members dividing into groom and bride teams. Anju declares that Sumeet and Shlok should not meet each other frequently, except during specific rituals. Sumeet wishes to accompany Shlok for his first music recording meeting, but Shlok feels disheartened when he sees Sumeet choosing affordable flower jewelry instead of more expensive options. He tries to record a song but struggles with concentration, feeling that he’s causing Sumeet to compromise due to his lifestyle. Shlok becomes disheartened with himself.

Precap: Sumeet tells everyone that Producers liked Shlok’s song and have signed contract with him. Everyone applauds. Shagun walks in disguised as a and says I’m Kanchan and I came here to congratulate new couple. A bowl of haldi is kept for the ceremony. Poonam finds a dead snake inside bowl, she gets worried and says this is bad omen. Shagun laughing at the situation.

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