Kundali Bhagya 12th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Preeta refuses to recognize the Luthra Family

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Karan tells Preeta that Bani Dad is the reason because of whom she came into this house for the first time, he asks is she still does not remember anything after seeing this family, Karan is smiling but Preeta is looking in a state of confusion at them all, she says she still does not remember anything. Mahesh and Rakhi along with the rest of the Luthra family are shocked, Preeta says when she does not know them and how can she remember anything, Rajveer and Shristhi also rush into the Luthra mansion.

Rakhi and Karina Bua are glad to see Shristhi, they immediately recognize her when Karan questions what did Preeta say that she does not remember anyone, he gets worried saying that Preeta was the root of this house and the reason for their happiness, because Rakhi used to consider her as the Lakshmi of this house so how can Preeta forget such strong relations and the relation that existed between them both because they both were married and had spent such good moments together, karan requests her to remember saying she knows this family, Rakhi goes to Preeta and asks if she actually came back, Rakhi is not able to believe it so she hugs her tightly after getting emotional, Rakhi asks if Preeta remembers how much she used to love her as she is Rakhi mom and Preeta would not tired calling her each an every day but so many years have passed but did Preeta not remember her even for once, Rakhi replies she still missed Preeta a lot and always used to pray that her Preeta should be fine and healthy wherever she is, she would pray that the lakshmi of their house should be sent back so MataRani heard her prayers, Rakhi asks her family members to see how her prayers have been answered and she came back, Rakhi also tells Bani Dadi that Preeta came back, she goes to Preeta saying she is very angry with her because Preeta wronged them all, she asks if Preeta remembers ow she used to hate her the first time she came into this house and wanted to oust her but Preeta managed to make her place but even then she left them all, breaking the heart in which she herself filled love. Bani Dadi mentions she tried a lot to forget Preeta and her love but no matter how hard she tried to forget her she always remembered her and so cannot forget her, Bani Dadi hugs Preeta Karina mentions she knows Preeta would remember her because she did not used to like her at first, and sometimes she would remain alone as Preeta got the support of everyone else but not her and she would call Preeta as a middle class girl, then Preeta managed to change her feelings towards her but she got so upset because of what happened the last time, saying she is her elder so has the right o scold her but Preeta gave them such a big punishment for so many years.

Mahesh walks in front to take the hands of Preeta, he asks her to come and sit down with him on the couch questioning if she also did not recognize him, as he is her Mahesh papa whom she would always say that whenever she remembers her father she always comes to him, he says their relation was made by Bhagwan but she still forgot their relation, and Preeta used to say he is her friend with whom she can share everything but she does not remember anything. Preeta says she is sorry after trying a lot to think, she says she cannot understand what they all are talking about. Preeta says she does not remember anything and there might be someone just like her, she means that she does not know him. Karan says they all remember that they have loved her to the extent that it is not imaginable, he says they would cry in her memory but now when she is in front of them they are crying because of happiness, he asks if she cannot see the relation that exits between them. Karan asks if she does not remember him as he loved her and it was to the extent that they changed the meaning of love but she is saying she does not remember her own Karan, Preeta replies she is able to recognize him but does not know he is, and why is he talking in such a manner. Preeta says she only knows Nidhi in this house, hearing this Nidhi is shocked along with the rest of the family. Preeta mentions that Nidhi is a very bad women who is trying to take her life hearing this the entire Luthra family is shocked, Preeta says Nidhi does not like her and now she knows the reason that her husband is in love with her, Nidhi thinks that Karan loves Preeta and this is why Nidhi wants to have her killed for this reason, Preeta says that even Karan is not understanding as why is he talking of love with her even when he is married, karan angrily calls her a fourth grade failed doctor saying he has been married but only with her, Karan questions why is Preeta talking like this when Preeta requests him to not talk like this as she knows he is the husband of Nidhi.

Shristhi asks Preeta to not explain herself anymore and says they all trying to justify their relations but what kind of love is that, she says that they have just given pain to her sister who has suffered a lot, and even snatched her children from her when Shristhi asks if Karan calls himself as a husband but he sometimes stands with his family completely ruining the life of her sister. Shristhi says that Nidhi is the sister of Anjali who ruined the life of her sister but even then they have allowed her to stay in this house, Shristhi says she has not forgotten anything and does not care who is with Karan but knows that her sister has taken care of the relations of this house with her blood but in return she only got humiliation . Preeta asks Rajveer to come with her to the house as she is not able to understand anything and she is feeling suffocated here, Shaurya walking down the stairs questions what is going on here and what is the mess, Preeta sees Shaurya and he is also stunned to see her, the entire family is not able to understand how they met. Preeta slowly starts walking towards Shaurya while he also comes to stand in front of her, Nidhi gets worried seeing the scene. Preeta is delighted to see Shaurya here, he kneels to take her blessings but Nidhi stops him seeing which Preeta and the rest of the family members are shocked. Nidhi says Preeta is not his mother but she is actually his mother and not Preeta.

Shaurya is shocked to find out that her name is Preeta, Rishab says that she is Preeta ji who is his biological mother, Preeta is shocked and not able to understand it, she turns in a state of shock towards Shaurya after which she asks Rishab if it is the truth, Rishab asks what did Preeta think that Shaurya is not her son, and this is the mis understanding because of which she did not come into this house, he informs that Shaurya is her son, Nidhi angrily says that she is the mother of Shaurya and he is her son, mentioning when Preeta was showering all her love to Rajveer, she was with Shaurya and raised him so he is her son. Preeta agrees that Nidhi is correct as she has raised Shaurya and given him everything but was not able to give him good teachings and how can she give them when she herself does not have any good deed, Preeta asks if Nidhi has seen Shaurya who needs love and care while in reality meaning his own mother, Preeta says that Rishab was right as she is the mother of Shaurya , Rajveer asks Maa to come with him as they need to leave back home. Nidhi asks Preeta if she deserves to come back in this family after so many years, explaining she has sacrificed everything for this family and even took care of the entire family, along with Mom, Dadi and Rishab, Shaurya so she has sacrificed a lot for these families. Shristhi says she should keep these relation with herself and leave them including her sister. Preeta calms Shristhi, saying that Nidhi is right because she was not here and Nidhi has raised Shaurya while even taken care of their entire family and now just as she has the right over this family then Nidhi has even more right, Preeta agrees to give her family to her.

Karan asks Preeta if he means anything to her explaining that when he went to the house of Preeta she said she does not remember him, Preeta says she still does not recognize him and knows anyone in this family then he is Shaurya because she always felt as if he is her like her son and they both are her life so are her sons, Preeta says she only knows her children here and not anyone, Rishab asks if she also does not know him when he says that Karan really loves her but Karan angrily replies that he does not love her, Karan asks if she trusts him now that he does not love her, Shristhi replies she has complete faith that he does not love him when karan warns he is not talking to her, karan asks Preeta so she replies has he seen the anger in his voice which cannot be love, Karan mentions she left them all so easily and not even looked back to see if anyone is alive or dead, he says he had been searching for him so if she had any doubt then should have asked him even at that time but she did not listen to anyone and just left them, while he had gotten mad in her memory so did not care about anything, he says why does she care because she was in this city and even came to this house, everyone saw her but she did not even try to meet them and intentionally never desired to meet them all. Karan holds her hand placing it over his heart, he asks if she can feel his heartbeat when hearing this Preeta gets tensed.

Precap: Karan, in tears, says to Preeta if you want to leave this house you can go but remember next time I won’t be coming for you. Preeta holds his hands and says how can someone love this much and they hug each other.

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