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Keh Doon Tumhein 12th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Kirti accuses Vikrant

Keh Doon Tumhein 12th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kirti seeing Bittu. She fights Vikrant. She shouts for help. Vikrant shuts her mouth. He throws her on the floor. She gets up and tries to pull his mask. She scratches his neck. He pushes her. He drives off. Police comes. She argues with Jadhav. He warns her to let police do their work. At the police station, Senior sees the news and scolds Jadhav. He asks where is Bittu. Garud says Bittu has escaped from the hospital. Senior says you will get a transfer now, Jadhav, find out Bittu. He goes. Jadhav asks Garud to handle the media reporters first. Kirti recalls the doctor. She says I was looking for him, no one listened to me, Bittu’s partner made him escape. She hears the news. Jadhav says the info will be confidential until the case gets solved. Kirti gets angry and throws the remote. Shreyas catches the remote. He says don’t get angry on the remote. Madhuri asks how is this saree. Kirti says really nice. She hides the bruises. Madhuri asks her to get ready. Dadi asks Madhuri to see Ganpati, he is waiting to go home. Puru says we have to take Bappa.

Vikrant gets Bittu somewhere. Kirti is at home. She calls Vikrant. He doesn’t answer. She calls the reporter. She says I have a news that can become the headline, the serial killer has run away, his partner has helped him. Vikrant sees the nail marks on his neck. He thinks Kirti shouldn’t be alive. He gets angry and says I can’t kill Kirti. He talks to his inner self. He says shut up, I can’t hurt Kirti. They all get ready and go for Bappa visarjan. Vikrant gets sad and thinks I can’t believe that I have hurt you today. Vikrant covers his neck with a stole. Kirti prays to Bappa. She thinks its imp for me to reach that murderer, help me, do something that the murderer comes in front of me.

Puru says I will also do Bappa visarjan. Shreyas says you are young, do it when you grow up. Puru sees Vikrant and pulls the stole. Kirti stops him. Vikrant turns. Kirti says sorry Sarkar, Puru has become much naughty. She is shocked to see the mark on his neck. She recalls everything. She says you are the serial killer, Anju told me that her BF is very rich, he is like a celebrity, you are Anju’s BF, you have killed Anju and those innocent girls. She takes Puru away. Madhuri asks what are you saying, how can you accuse Sarkar. Kirti says Vikrant has snatched Anju’s life, he knows no one can doubt him, why did you do this with Anju, why did you kill Anju. She cries. Madhuri says you are in trauma. Shreyas asks Kirti why is she blaming Sarkar, does she have a proof. Kirti says he is the one who made Bittu flee from the hospital, he is Bittu’s partner, he is the serial killer. Shreyas asks did you see Sarkar’s face. She says no, but I have scratched his neck, its my nail marks. Shreyas says this nail marks won’t prove anything, you forgot, he has helped us many times. She says no, I m sure he has killed Anjali. The people defend Vikrant and get angry on Kirti.

Madhuri apologizes to Vikrant on Kirti’s behalf. Kirti says no. Vikrant goes. Kirti says don’t let him go. Madhuri asks her to stop the drama. She scolds Kirti. Shreyas says Vikrant is too hurt, you should have heard him at least. Dadi says yes, you should give him a chance to explain. Madhuri says go to him and apologize, go. Kirti goes to meet Vikrant.

Kirti gets a call and is threatened about Puru. Vikrant gets Puru in his car. Kirti is shocked seeing Puru’s id card. Puru asks someone to open the door. Kirti looks for him. Vikrant smiles.

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