Junooniyatt update: Jordan comes to Elahi’s rescue at concert

Junooniyatt, the Colors show produced by Sargun Mehta and Ravi Dubey under the banner of Dreamiyata Entertainment, Elahi (Neha Rana) plans a surprise party for Jordan to teach him a lesson. She pretends to hurt her feet and hands, getting Jordan involved in party preparations. Jahaan becomes suspicious of her intentions but doesn’t confront her. During the party, Jordan’s friends try to provoke him, but he remains calm. Elahi announces that Jordan (Gautam Vig) prepared all the food and praises his changed behaviour. Jordan’s friends attempt a water challenge, hoping to make him lose his temper, but Maheep intervenes.

At the party, Jahaan and Elahi perform a duet. Jordan struggles to contain his anger but manages to stay composed. A music producer arrives at the party and offers Elahi a music contract as a token of gratitude for saving his daughter in a car accident. Jahaan is elated, while Jordan seethes with jealousy. On the day of the concert, Dada, Dadi, and others bless Elahi. Jahaan decides not to attend the concert. Jordan secretly prepares a mixture that could damage Elahi’s throat, with the intention of replacing her in the performance. Meanwhile, Diljyot lands in India.

In the coming episode, Elahi arrives at the concert venue, and Jordan tries to make her drink water from the flask. However, fortunately, the flask falls, preventing Elahi from taking a sip. Unbeknownst to them, Jahaan, in disguise, also arrives at the venue to protect Elahi from Jordan. Elahi takes the stage to sing a song dedicated to her mother. Before Elahi can sing, she starts coughing uncontrollably, and Jordan rushes on stage to save the day. Meanwhile, outside the venue, Diljyot hears Elahi’s mesmerizing voice through the speakers and makes her way inside.

Junooniyatt Ep 173 11th October 2023 Written Episode Update

Jordan secretly prepares a mixture that could damage Elahi’s throat, with the intention of replacing her in the performance

Will Elahi and Diljyot reunite?

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