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Udaariyaan 11th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Aasma confesses love to Armaan

Udaariyaan 11th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Aasma and Armaan praying. Aasma wishes the truth comes out. He thinks I m cheating her, she is ready to sacrifice everything for my family, I will tell her the truth, I can’t give her any false hope by giving the fake bangles. He goes and thanks her. She says don’t thank me, you give me my gift. He thinks no, I can’t give her the fake bangles. He gets up. The bangles fall off his pocket. She says you got the bangles. She sees Alia’s bag.

Aasma thinks my doubt was wrong, Armaan got bangles for me. She cries and says I m really sorry, Armaan, I m very bad. Armaan says you won’t apologize, you aren’t bad. He goes. Aasma runs after him. She falls over him. They have a moment. Everyone looks on. Alia comes and sees them. Aasma says I love you. Alia thinks I didn’t want this to happen. Aasma hugs Armaan. Everyone smiles.

Armaan makes Aasma wear the bangles. Alia thinks I will take my Armaan back. Armaan and Aasma cry. Aasma says these tears are the happiness which I will preserve, I m lucky to get a life partner like you. Neetu jokes. She says Aasma had decorated the terrace but fire caught up there, don’t know how. Armaan looks at Aasma. Aasma says I will get kheer. He says you won’t work until your hand gets fine. Alia gets angry. Dadi says I will break her legs if she goes to kitchen. They laugh. Alia comes to her room and gets mad in anger. She says no, this can’t happen, I will never forgive you.

Baby cries. Aasma and Rano run to see her. Baby asks who is trying to kill me, tell me. Neetu also shouts. They all go and see some hanging lemons and black magic things. Baby asks who is doing black magic here. Dadi says some bad spirit has fallen over us. Aasma and Armaan dismiss their thoughts. Alia comes.

They see some baba sitting there. Armaan catches him and slaps. He asks who has sent you, tell me. The man says I won’t say. Armaan says you have to tell us. The man says some woman from this house has called me. Armaan asks him to say, who has sent him. He shows Aasma. Aasma asks what nonsense. The man says you have asked me to control two people in this house. Armaan slaps him and asks why are you lying, I will call the police. The man runs away. Armaan says stop. Baby says I told it, Aasma is doing this. Rano says you are doubting her even now. Baby says I m sure, she is doing this. Dadi stops Baby. She faints. Everyone holds her and takes her inside the house. Alia smiles and looks on.

Baby says Aasma did this, trust me. She asks Aasma to come with her. She asks her to stay away from Dadi. She pushes Aasma. Armaan holds Aasma. Aasma asks how can you accuse me, why would I do this. Armaan asks why would she do this. Baby asks why not. He says she gave her money and jewellery for us. Alia says I don’t think Aasma has done all this. Baby says Aasma is wrong. Rano says stop it now, end the matter now.

Baby scolds Aasma and goes. Armaan says sorry. Aasma says don’t be sorry, I don’t feel bad of her words, why is this happening, who has done this bad joke. He says don’t worry, go and sleep. She goes. Alia comes and says these people are doubting you, you did a lot for them. Aasma says they are tense, you go and sleep. Alia thinks there will be fun at night. Aasma sleeps. Baby comes and attacks her. Aasma shouts who is there. Alia wakes up and asks what happened. Everyone comes. Aasma says there is someone. Armaan asks who. Baby goes. Everyone turns to see. Neetu asks who is there. Someone pulls her hair. She screams.

The episode ends

Update Credit to: Amena


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