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Suhaagan 11th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Indu calls Police to get Bindiya arrested

Suhaagan 11th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Bindiya picking the beads from the ground and tying them in her pallu. She says now whatever happens, I will not break and will not break my mangalsutra break. The guard asks her to leave, and says badi Memsaab is very angry. Bindiya asks him to understand. Payal gets happy seeing Bindiya’s necklaces and wears one of them. She says sister, my foot. She says she wanted to expose me and I humiliated her. She says she collided with the mountain and became ashes. She says Bindiya has to leave from Krish and the jewellery. Servant knocks on the door. Payal asks why you are knocking on the door. The Servant says you have called me here. Payal asks him to keep her suitcase in Krish’s room. Nidhi smiles and asks Payal to see what is happening, says you are in misunderstanding. They see Bindiya keeping the tent outside. Indu calls guard and asks what is this, how he can let her keep the tent. The guard keeps his cap and stick on the ground. Indu gets upset. Bindiya says you risked your job for me. The guard says I can identify what is truth and what is lie? She tears her pallu and ties it on his hand as rakhi. She gives him roasted potato to eat. He asks her not to worry and says he is with her.

Payal comes to Krish’s room and rests herself on his hand. She tells him that if everything was good, then it would be their start now. She says we can’t let Bindiya win and opens his shirt button. Krish stops her and says how can I be happy, when Bindiya is here. Payal tries to get closer to him and asks him to sleep with her peacefully. He asks how can he sleep, as his home is burning with fire. Payal says I am trying to calm you down and you are saying this. He says sorry and says I can’t be peaceful until Bindiya is around me. Vikram, Sakshi and Nidhi are standing in the balcony. Bindiya is sitting in the tent. He says it is 5 am. Sakshi says what we will tell the people. Krish and Payal come to the balcony.

Krish gets angry and says Bindiya has to answer. Indu stops him and asks him not to lose his temper. He says I will handle her now. She calls Police and says I need your help. In the morning, Police comes in the jeep. sakshi says who has called Police. Indu says I have called. She says what Bindiya thought that she will try to kill Krish and I will be silent. Vikram says Bindiya is even now Krish’s legal wife and says if she opens her mouth then we all will be arrested. Krish says what do you think that why I didn’t do this. Sakshi says Bindiya can do anything who tried to kill Krish. Nidhi regrets to come there. The Police constable asks her to come with her. Bindiya says I will not go. Inspector says Shukla family has complaint against you. Sakshi asks Vikram not to drag her in this. The lady constable tells Bindiya that she don’t want to use any other bad language. Bindiya says I am also refusing you with respect. The lady constable asks why you are sitting here and with what relation, and asks her to come with them. Bindiya says I will tell you truth. The other constable says we don’t want to hear your story.

The Shukla family panics. Bindiya thinks if I tell Police about my relation with Krish then everyone will get arrested. The Inspector asks her to come. Bindiya looks at them and asks Inspector to come. The lady constable holds her hand. Bindiya says I am coming with you, with my wish, and asks her to leave her hand. The lady constable leaves her hand and asks her to come. Bindiya leaves from there. Vikram says if Bindiya wanted then she would have got us arrested, but she left us. Sakshi says this was good chance for bindiya to take revenge from Krish. Bindiya sits in Police car. Krish thinks why Bindiya didn’t tell Police about our marriage truth.

Precap: Indu tells that she will get Payal and Krish married. Bindiya tells Dadi that she will expose Payal.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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