Rabb Se Hai Dua 11th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Gazal, Gulnaz & Hina kidnap Ravi

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Scene 1
Dadi comes to Haider and says I want to talk to you. Haider says I don’t want to talk about Dua. Dadi says enough.. I am still alive so you have to listen to me, Dua is your life partner and you don’t want to talk about her? Haider says I hate her, she is no one to me. Dadi says you can’t fake it in front of me.. you love Dua so much that you can make yourself evil to protect her. Haider says its not like that. Dadi says I am not a fool, your eyes don’t lie, they are crying for Dua. I know you did that with Dua so she would go away from you and be happy but her happiness is you, you are her everything so don’t separate yourself from her. You think you both can live without each other? you think you can live with her memories only? you think you did good by separating yourself from Dua? it will destroy you both. I know you can’t live without Dua, it will eat you up from inside. Why did you do it? how will you live without Dua? Haider says I will live without heart now, I want to rest now so please. Dadi says please listen to me. Haider says I have work so please let me be. I am begging you to leave. Dadi sadly leaves. Haider sighs and says its my unfortunate fate that I can’t even cry in front of Dadi, if I accepted that I still love Dua then she would try to bring her back. I just want Dua to be happy, I don’t want her near this house.

Gazal is dancing around and is happy. Hina scolds her and says my daughter’s life is being destroyed and you are dancing around? you have no shame. Gazal thinks I have to keep calm for now. She says I am sorry.. you should beat me up. Hina asks her to shut up. Gazal cries and says I know you are in pain, I was celebrating that Dua is gone from our lives. Hina says she is still married to Haider and I am worried about Kaynaat’s pregnancy, what will we do now? Gazal says we will take her for the blood work and get her abortion, Hafeez’s filth won’t be born. Ravi hides and hears that. He says Kaynaat is pregnant and they want to kill that innocent baby, its a crime. I have to inform Dua. He calls Dua but someone attacks him, he faints. Hina and Gazal are shocked seeing him lying there. Dua is on call and asks if everything is okay? the call cuts. Hina and Gazal see Gulnaz there. She attacked Ravi. She brings her inside the room and says he wanted to inform Dua, he is a betrayer. Gazal kicks him and says I will not spare him. Hina asks her to stop it, Haider won’t spare you. Gazal says he is already injured so no one will find out. Hina says you are right, she beats him up too. Gazal says Haider always insulted me because of him. Gulnaz beats him up too. Hina says thank God he didn’t inform anything to Dua. Gulnaz says I stopped him in time. Gazal says I will kill him as he knows Kaynaat is pregnant. Hina stops her and says we can’t have more problems. Ravi wakes up and thinks he has to inform Dua about Kaynaat’s pregnancy. Otherside Dua is worried and calls Ravi again. Gulnaz cuts it. Gazal says we have to kill Ravi, we can give him a poisonous injection and no one will find out. Hina says what are you saying? you are talking like a criminal. Gazal says he knows about Kaynaat’s secret, if it comes out then Haider will allow her to marry Kaynaat then Dua will come back in the house. We can’t let that happen, remember how much pain Dua gave to you, we can’t let her come back. Ravi has to die and Kaynaat’s truth will never come out. Hina looks on and says you are crazy. This is my house, not some slaughter house. I can never allow that. We just have to stop Ravi from talking to Dua. Once Kaynaat’s baby is aborted then it won’t matter. Gulnaz says we have to keep Ravi here till the baby is aborted. Dua calls Ravi again, he gets up and tries talking to her but they all grab him and cut the call. They tie him up and put him on the wheelchair. Dua is worried and says I heard some rustling there.

Ruhaan is punching the bag and says I couldn’t support Dua even today, I have lost all honor today. He sees Dua calling him. He takes the call and says you can curse me, I can’t answer you. Dua says I know your mother must have forced you to stay silent, its okay. I am just worried about Ravi, can you check on him? Ruhaan says he must be in his room, he is pretty injured. Dua says he is not. She tells him how she told Ravi to act like he got injured so he would stay at Haider’s house and keep her posted about Gazal’s antics. Dua says I sent Ravi here to protect everyone. He called me but couldn’t talk to me, I am worried so can you please check? Ruhaan says you are so nice, you still care for these people. I will go and check on Ravi. Dua thanks him.

Gulnaz, Gazal and Hina are taking Ravi away on the wheelchair. He sees Ruhaan going to his room and tries to hint at him.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba


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